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Child Dedication Ceremony
The ceremony by which UUs welcome children, often infants, into the community. It is a family oriented ceremony which takes place in the context of Sunday worship.

Children’s Religious Education

Flower Communion
An annual ceremony held in May or June to celebrate the diversity of the community and the end of our Program Year. The ceremony is part of an intergenerational Sunday morning service. Each person is encouraged to bring a flower (from garden, field, or shop) to add to a communal bouquet in the front of the sanctuary. This represents the diversity of gifts and perspectives we bring to our common life. At the end of the ceremony, each person goes home with a flower other than the one they brought. This represents the diversity of gifts we receive from the community.

Mystic Grove
1U’s Pagan Group

Religious Education

Program Year
Much of programming follows the school year calendar. Our Program Year begins ramping up in late August when the public schools go back in session. It winds down in May.

Southern Region

Five geographical regions make the UUA for administrative purposes. Florida is in the Southern Region which goes from Texas to Virginia and down to Florida.

Unitarian Universalist

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in an association of over 1000 UU congregations, primarily located in the United States.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee promotes our UU values while working for human rights and humanitarian aid around the world.

Water Communion
An annual ceremony that celebrates the community being back together after summer travels and activities. It is typically held as part of an intergenerational service the Sunday after Labor Day. It marks the end of the summer schedule and the new Program Year. It is the last single Sunday Worship service of the summer. They following week we return to our double service schedule and the Children’s Religious Education program for the year begins.