Oracle Articles - Apr 2012

Vol. 66, No. 4; April 2012

The mission of the First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U) is to exemplify liberal religion in Central Florida with a commitment to lifelong spiritual growth and compassionate service to the community.

Worship Services

9:00 am & 11:30 am Sundays in Our Sanctuary

Sunday, April 1 | While Standing on One Foot, Rev. Kathy Schmitz

We continue our exploration of compassion with a look at what it looks like through the lens of Judaism.

Sunday, April 8 | Easter Sunday: A New Path, Rev. Kathy Schmitz

In the midst of the Christian celebration of Easter and the Jewish Passover, we take a look at what spiritual paths might guide us today.

Sunday, April 15 | Leading Spiritually, Rev. Ron Hersom

Our guest minister serves the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville, FL. This morning he explores the intersection of spirituality and leadership.

Sunday, April 22 | Earth Day, Rev. Kathy Schmitz

Earth Day falls on a Sunday this year. We'll take time to consider areas of concerns as well as to celebrate the blessings of the planet that sustains us. This is also our New Member Sunday - join us in welcoming our newest members.

Sunday, April 29 | Magic & Miracles, Rev. Kathy Schmitz

Whether or not one believes in magic and miracles, there is something to be said for opening oneself to the amazing and unexpected.


Special Service on Thursday, April 5, 7:00pm

Maundy Thursday Communion Service, Rev. Kathy Schmitz

As we share bread and wine together in commemoration of the events leading up the Christian celebration of Easter, we consider the messages that this branch of our spiritual history may have for Unitarian Universalists.


April Newcomer Orientation

Are you a newcomer to our church? Would you like to meet our minister, Rev. Kathy Schmitz, learn more about Unitarian Universalism, and get answers to any questions you may have? If so, the Membership Committee invites you to attend the April Newcomer Orientation on Sunday, April 22, at 10:15am in the Hiett Library.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


General Assembly 2012, A Meeting of Congregations

June 20 - 24, Phoenix, Arizona

This is a historic moment. Be part of the story.

Unitarian Universalists from across the country and around the world will gather for General Assembly 2012. It will be a gathering with multiple ways of engaging in justice work for people of all ages. Joining with the people of Arizona, we will worship, witness, learn and work together. We will leave General Assembly grounded in our faith, energized for justice, and with resources to bring this work home to our congregations.

Registration and housing opened March 1. Early registration with a lower fee ends April 30. For more information, go to

If you are interested in serving as one of First Unitarian's delegates to General Assembly, please indicate your interest to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by April 1 to be considered.

Limited financial aid may be available for those attending General Assembly. Please indicate your interest to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by April 1 to be considered.


The Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium

Saturday, April 28, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Winter Park Library, 460 East New England Ave., Winter Park, FL

Hopeful new perspectives and possibilities built on:

·                     Environmental Sustainability

·                     Spiritual Fulfillment

·                     Social Justice

The Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium brings together conscious, aware people who care about what's happening in the world, in our community, and in our families. We'll engage the biggest challenges and opportunities today.

Charlie Behrens from the 1U Green Team will be facilitating.


More info:


Sunday Morning Adult Education

All programs run from 10:15 to 11:15am, and all programs are drop-in friendly.

Our three options for adult religious education on Sunday mornings continue in three venues: the Hiett Library, Room 9, and Room 18.

Sundays in the Library (Hiett Library): We continue this successful program. The first regular Sunday of each month will focus on the religion designated for that month. Both the worship service and children's religious education will have the same focus. The second or third Sunday of the month will be a Newcomer Orientation Session. Remaining Sundays will be used as needed for various offerings, including: Share-the-Plate topics, Immigration sessions, sample sessions of upcoming evening classes, the Best of UUU, and special opportunities that may arise. If you have special sessions you would like to share with our congregation, please send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

April 1       Judaism and Compassion

                 This morning, we continue our exploration of compassion through the lens of world religions with a look at Judaism.

April 8       [Easter] TBD (Watch for info in the weekly eblast.)

April 15     Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilts

                 This morning all three adult tracks come together in the Hiett Library as we learn more about our neighbors whose efforts bring food to our tables. We are joined by the Farmworker Association of Florida as they share their Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilt project with us.

April 22     Newcomer Orientation

                 Are you a newcomer to our church? Come meet our minister, Rev. Kathy Schmitz, learn more about Unitarian Universalism, and get answers to any questions you may have.


April 29     TBD (Watch for info in the weekly eblast.)


Green RE (Room 9) "Spirit in Practice" from a green lens. This class is designed to help students make more thoughtful decisions how they put their spirituality into practice. You can download the entire series at: April 1        Workshop 8: Life Practices

April 8        no class [Easter]

April 15      Special Class -- Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilt Project (in the Hiett Library)

Apr 22       Workshop 9: Justice Practices

April 29      Workshop 10: Looking Back and Moving Forward

The Community Room (Room 18, formerly the Florida District Office): This track encourages interaction between participants and was inspired by a desire to create a space for folks attending the two different services to be together. All programs welcome new participants who have not previously attended.

April 1       Spirit of Life Program: Workshop 7: Roots Hold Me Close: Tradition, Teachers, and Spiritual Formation.

                 Each first Sunday, we use materials from this UUA created program that seeks to bring meaning, beauty, inclusivity, and growth to Unitarian Universalist adults as they deepen their spiritual awareness and connections.

April 8       Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life: The Seventh Step: How Little We Know.

                 Each second Sunday, we focus on one of the steps described in Karen Armstrong's book, Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.

April 15     Community-Building Tools

                 This month we build community by getting to our neighbors in the Farmworker Association of Florida as they share their Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilt project with us. All three adult education tracks will gather together in the Hiett Library.

April 22     Spiritual Literacy

                 Each fourth Sunday, we show a video discussion series that uses short films to prompt discussion on a variety of topics.

April 29     The Way Forward

                 As we near the end of our first program year in the Community Room, let's talk about hopes and dreams for next year. As we begin formulating plans, what would you like to learn, practice, or experience in this space in the coming year? Come chat with Mary Murphy and Rev. Kathy about the next steps on our journey together.


Other Adult Programming

Francis Dávid* Café: A Drop-In Discussion Group

Friday, April 27, 7:00-9:00pm in the Hiett Library

Join Rev. Kathy as she facilitates conversation on a variety of topics, hoping to find and celebrate both our differences and our common ground. The evening is built around questions offered by the participants - so it's different every time. New participants are always welcome!

*Living 500 years ago, in Transylvania, Unitarian preacher Francis Dávid is best known among modern Unitarian Universalists for saying, "You need not think alike to love alike." Come practice what he preached.

Evensong - A 4-Week Program Open to Everyone 2nd and 4th Thursdays of April & May, 7:00-8:30pm, in the Community Room (Room 18 of the Religious Education Complex)

Join Rev. Kathy for this 4-week program designed to help participants make lasting connections with one another. Each session includes readings followed by discussion during which participants are invited to share thoughts, experiences, doubts, and religious beliefs. This is a great option for those not able or not ready to be in a covenant group. For planning purposes, please RSVP to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Actual dates are April 12 & 26, May 10 & 24.


On the Journey

Thoughts from the Minister

Now that I have been with you for 18 months, I start to feel that I can't use "being new" as an excuse anymore. Some days, I feel like I have been here in Orlando forever. Other days, I am acutely aware of how much I still have to learn.

After we came through all the exciting events in the last half of February, I took a look at my to-do list. There were an abundance of things I had put off until "after all the celebrating." The list was huge and I started to be concerned about how I would get it all done. Then I came across a document from last spring that listed all the things we were going to do this year. I realized how many have been accomplished. Some of the things are very obvious, like our new morning schedule and adding visual projection to worship. Other things are more behind the scenes. This is the case with much of the work related to our new organizational structure. I had thought it would be pretty much in place by now. (Have I mentioned that I am an optimist?) Charlie reminds me that most time estimates should be multiplied by four. In this case, I think he was right. I now think it will take another 18 months before we have the new structure fully in place. Having made my peace with that adjustment, my to-do list looks more tamable.

Although life is full, I pause frequently to remind myself that, at the moment, for me anyway, it is full of good things. All the things that compete for my attention are things I want to be doing. I do struggle to set priorities and I worry about things getting lost in the commotion, so I do hope you will let me know if I am neglecting something or someone that needs my attention.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the visit from the Stewardship Consultant from the Unitarian Universalist Association the weekend of May 4 - 6 (see the President's Column). After all the hard work the congregation has done, it is a wonderful time to take stock. Having an assessment from someone outside the congregation who has a broad perspective on UU congregations will help ensure that we are on solid footing as we discover together our path into the next hundred year.


Rev. Kathy

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rev. Kathy's Schedule: I am most often in the office during the day on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. I frequently have appointments scheduled either in the office or off-campus, so it is an excellent idea to call or email before making a special trip to see me. With advanced notice, I am happy to schedule appointments that fit your schedule, for example in the early evening.

Wednesday is my writing day. Thursday is my day off. On Thursdays, I respond only to emergencies.


From the President I don't know about you, but my family and I had a blast celebrating 1U's centennial anniversary! What a rich history this congregation holds, and what a bright future we have to look forward to. In the spirit of looking ahead, I want to share an update specifically regarding where we are in the process of planning for the future of the Religious Education complex and the programming on that side of our campus. In my last column, I shared that based on your feedback at the Visioning Town Hall sessions, the Board felt that the congregation was ready to proceed with an assessment by a UUA consultant. After submitting the necessary paperwork, the Board received notice that a consultant had been selected who would best meet our needs. Bill Clontz (read about him here: will be with us the weekend of May 4 - 6 to conduct interviews, meet with staff, and gather information about who we are and where we are headed. He will then formulate a report detailing strengths, areas that are at risk or likely could use enhancements, and recommendations for the way forward on the issues discussed during the visit. Because of our unique situation, he will devote some additional time and energy to facilities, RE space requirements, and strategic planning. This assessment is simply the first step of what may become a larger-scale process. Please continue to share your thoughts with your Board of Trustees and know that there will be many more opportunities for your input beyond this weekend in May. After the assessment visit, expect an update from the Board at the May 20 Annual Meeting. If you have any questions about the process or would like to be involved in the assessment weekend, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . -- Michelle Langrock Bergandi


Caring Circle

Let 1U's Caring Circle recognize your joys and concerns, whether they are announced in church or not. If you-or a member friend-need support in rough times or wish to share celebrations in good times, let Caring Circle know.

The Caring Circle contact for April is Joyce Vierling. Contact her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


From the Desk of the Music Director

Hello friends of music and fellow sojourners of the 1U experience. The first quarter of

2012 has been rich with musical moments and messages of meaning. I'd like to thank the many of you that made the February 1U Centennial Celebration and the Florida District (statewide) Choral Festival possible. To you who enjoyed the music; you are the reason we do all this. Our goal is to enrich your experience at our church and bring depth and Art into your time on campus.

In recent years surveys were done and many discussions took place to determine what your preferences of music are at 1U. The result of all this thought is the word diversity, a singular concept that is infused throughout our denomination and is very active here. Thus, diversity of musical programming is the guiding principle we aspire to utilize to enhance your 1U worship experience.

We cannot fulfill this without your participation, either as a listener or performer. I thank you and look forward to a continuing journey forward. Please feel free to pass along your thoughts and ideas, be they specific (styles, genres, lyrics, certain songs or pieces, etc.) or part of a larger vision (concerts, multi-media events, supporting our UU principles in the greater community, etc.).

Here is a list of musically related happenings and improvements we've seen recently at 1U:

·         The new projector and screen are integrating into Worship. Lyrics and images have been presented and are only the start of broadening the way we all experience music here.

·         The new Peavey S32 audio board and sound-supporting infrastructure, thanks to your commitment to financial support, is making all music so much better.

·         The Tuesday Nite Band (TNB) gave its first concert at 1U as part of the Centennial.

·         UU Choral singers from all around Florida gathered here for the District Choral Festival. Two of the four works performed in service were from UU composers in our state.

·         The Chalice Choir continues bringing many of your voices into the 1U musical landscape.

·         Youth participation in music is increasing. Thank you to supporting parents.

·         We continue to bring special musical guests to Sunday music at 1U. In May the world-class Elm City Girls' Choir will be part of the second service.

·         Instrumentalists are now an ongoing aspect of our program. We have a wind ensemble and soloists who are performing alone and with the Chalice Choir.

·         Community outreach is now happening. The TNB performed at the Lake Eola bandshell as part of a Music for Peace event and is now preparing for an interfaith 'reach-out' and will be part of Sunday services at another denomination (Christ Church Unity) in April.

All of this is for you and from you. I encourage your participation both musically and as part of the growing number of listeners we engage weekly. Let us know what you think as we move into our second 100 years in Central Florida.

Jamie C. Sterrett, 1U Director of Music

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Annual Meeting Notice

The Annual Meeting of the First Unitarian Church of Orlando will be held on Sunday, May 20, beginning at 12:45pm in Gore Hall. All Members of Record are strongly encouraged to attend.


Annual Meeting of the Endowment Fund

·      Call meeting to order

·      Brief review purpose of EB and annual report

·      Treasurer's Report and update

·      Vote on new/continuing members

Annual Meeting of the Congregation

·      Opening words and chalice lighting

·      Approval of minutes from last year's Annual Meeting

○       Year in review Centennial celebration

○       Governance highlights

○       Program highlights

·      What we imagine in the future

·      Update on Committee on Ministry and Healthy Relations Team

·      Stewardship Report

·      Proposed Budget

·      Bylaw Changes

·      Vote for Board officers and Trustees, Nominating Committee members

·      Announcement of delegates to represent our congregation at GA

·      Recognition of outgoing elected leaders

·      Installation of incoming elected leaders

·      Closing, extinguishing the chalice

Proposed Budget

The Proposed Budget for church year 2012-2013 is under preparation and will be voted on by the Board at its April 9, 2012, meeting. Within days after its approval, the Proposed Budget will be posted to the Members section of the 1U website. A link to this posting will be included in each eblast from that date until the Annual Meeting.


Budget Discussions

All are welcome to attend either or both of these two meetings scheduled to discuss the Proposed Budget for church year 2012-2013. Please come ask your questions during these sessions:

·   Sunday, April 22, at 12:45pm in the Sanctuary (after the second service)

·   Sunday, April 29, at 10:15am in the Sanctuary (between the two services)


Proposed Changes to the Bylaws

This year's Nominating Committee recommends the following revisions be made to the current 1U Bylaws, in an effort to reflect recent structural changes and practice.

1.        Replace Leadership Development Committee terminology with Nominating Committee throughout. Recent governance changes adopted by Board have identified the role of the Nominating Committee in congregational structure. The major impact will be in Article 7, which was amended during the last Bylaws update (Feb. 17, 2008) to reflect an aspirational change in the function of the Committee.

2.        Eliminate the position of Vice President. This position has been effectively replaced by the Program Coordinating Team, and it does not exist in the new Board structure.

3.        Note that the most recent Past-President has a place on the Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

These revisions to Bylaws Sections 6 and 7 have been endorsed by the Board of Trustees, and await the vote of the congregation at the May 2012 Annual Meeting.

Note: Words to be deleted from the Bylaws are shown with strikeout and words to be added appear in boldface type.



6.1 Church Officers

The officers of the Church shall include President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer (see Section 6.11 for duties). The same person may not simultaneously serve in more than one officer position. Only one person may serve in each office or trustee position.

6.2 Composition of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall consist of no fewer than 7 members, and no more than 11 members: five (5) four (4) officers (President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and the remainder trustees at-large. The Minister and most recent Past President shall be a non-voting, ex officio members.

6.3. Limits of Terms

All members of the Board of Trustees, except the President and President Elect, shall serve two-year terms. Trustees at-large will be assigned to one of two classes, which are elected in alternate years. The President and President Elect will serve one-year terms, renewable up to three (3) times, for a total of four (4) consecutive years.

All officers and trustees elected at the annual meeting shall take office at the beginning of the next fiscal year on July 1 and shall serve until their successors have been properly elected and take office. All members of the Board of Trustees shall be eligible for service up to seven (7) consecutive years.

6.4 Duties of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the principal policy forming and administrative body of the church. The Board of Trustees has full authority and responsibility, except as limited by these bylaws, to act on the business and programs of the church.

Specific responsibilities of the Board of Trustees and Board members are set forth in the current policy manual as adopted by the Board of Trustees.

6.5 Meetings

The Board of Trustees must have quarterly regular meetings at a minimum.

6.6 Notice

Written notice including the agenda of the regular meetings shall be sent to all members of the Board of Trustees at least three (3) days prior to the meeting. The Board of Trustee's calendar of meetings will be posted in the church and the church website, annually in August.

6.7 Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the President or by three trustees petitioning the Secretary with 24-hour notice, either in writing or by telephone. Notice is effective when it is transmitted. Special meetings may be held without notice to the congregation in case of an emergency provided that the emergency is documented in the minutes of the meeting.

6.8 Quorum

At all meetings of the Board of Trustees a quorum shall consist of at least a majority of the voting members of the Board of Trustees, two (2) of whom must be officers. An affirmative vote of a majority of voting Board of Trustee members shall be required for any action by the Board of Trustees.

6.9 Vacancies

In consultation with the Chair of the Leadership Development Committee, the Board of Trustees shall fill vacancies in the positions of President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee, and members of the Leadership Development Nominating Committee for the balance of that fiscal year. Positions will be filled by election at the annual congregational meeting for the balance of the term.

6.10 Removal of an Elected Officer or Trustee

Any elected officer or trustee may be removed by:

6.10.1 a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members of the Board of Trustees. Notice of any proposed removal shall be provided by mail to the officer or trustee in question no less than 7 days prior to the meeting at which such action will be considered,


6.10.2 a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members of the Congregation at a meeting called for that purpose at which a quorum shall be twenty percent (20%) of the qualified voting members. Notice of any proposed removal shall be provided by mail to the officer or trustee in question no more than thirty (30) days and no less than ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which such action will be considered. Any officer or trustee shall automatically be removed from office if the Board of Trustees determines he or she fails to qualify as a Member of the Church.

6. 11 Duties of Officers

6.11.1 Executive Committee

The current Officers (President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), and the Minister and most recent Past President shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Board. This Committee shall meet on the call of the President to prepare the agenda for Board of Trustee meetings and shall advise the President on any matters concerning the Church. The Executive Committee has no authority to act for or on behalf of the Board of Trustees unless that authority is granted by the full Board of Trustees.

6.11.2 Duties of the Officers

The Officers shall perform the duties normally associated with their respective offices and specifically:

The President conducts all Congregational and Board meetings and represents the Church on all occasions where such representation is required.

The President and Treasurer shall submit a comprehensive report to the congregation at each annual meeting.

The President Elect shall assume the duties of the President when the President is absent.

The Secretary shall record minutes for the meetings of the Board and of the Congregation.

The Treasurer shall sign checks. (Other members of the board may be designated signers on the checking account in case the treasurer is not available.)

The President or Vice President and the Secretary shall sign all minutes and legal documents of the corporation.


7.1 Composition of Leadership Development Nominating Committee

This Committee shall consist of six (6) members who shall serve a term of two years. Committee members will be assigned to one of two classes, which are elected in alternate years.

7.2 Duties of the Leadership Development Nominating Committee

7.2 After consultation with congregational leadership, members and the minister, the Leadership Development Nominating Committee will present to the congregation in writing a slate of members qualified to fill vacant officer and trustee positions, as well as three (3) candidates for the succeeding Leadership Development Nominating Committee. The slate will be included in the notice for the annual Congregational meeting.

7.3 Meetings

The Leadership Development Nominating Committee will meet at least twice a year.

7.4 Quorum

A quorum for the Leadership Development Nominating Committee shall be four (4.)

Nominations for Open Elected Positions

For the position of President: Michelle Langrock Bergandi I was raised Unitarian Universalist in Clearwater, Florida and joined 1U in 2006. Since then, I have been involved in various program-side efforts, ranging from publishing for the Web Team to helping restart our toddler nursery to chairing the Program Council; and I have served on your Board of Trustees as a Trustee, Secretary, President-elect, and currently President. I have two very young children and couldn't be more pleased about raising them in this religious community!

For the position of President-Elect: Jean Siegfried I've been part of this congregation since I moved to Orlando in 1960, and 'official' since 1961. Over the years I've served on the board too many times to count, and back when my adult children were small I taught church school and was very involved in the RE Committee and the week-day cooperative pre-school. More recently I served some on the District Board, as a volunteer at yearly General Assembly and was honored recently to be a part of SUULE, the Southeastern U U Leadership Experience. Although many community activities are important to me, participation in this Church and relationships with its 'family' are at the top of the list.

For the position of Board Secretary: Carolina Lofgren

I became a member of our church in April 1993, after attending for a couple of years. I've chaired Membership and Nominating committees; been a member of Fellowship, Caring Circle, and the Alliance. I coordinated ushers and greeters for many years, served as Collector for six years, canvassed in every face-to-face Stewardship campaign, and have been copy editing the Oracle for a dozen years or more (lost count!). Ken and I have been running the Nora Staton bookstore since the mid-90s.

I'm currently finishing my first two-year term as Board Secretary and have agreed to serve another two-year term. I've enjoyed being a part of the transition to a new governance structure and helping to document Board policy.

For the position of Trustee at Large: Chris Baranyi

I've been a member of the church just shy of eight years. Outside of church, I am heavily involved in music production, live music at art and charity events in the community, and hanging out anywhere with jazz or vegan food.

When I'm not involved in audio, or the audio side of our A/V team, I've had the chance to serve as the last Vice President on the Board. In the past, I've had the opportunity to work with Adult Religious Education and Membership. I'm honored to be able to stay on the Board as a Trustee to serve the 1U community however I can.

For the position of Trustee at Large: Rachel Gardiner

Rachel Gardiner has been an active member of 1U since 2004. She has served on the Worship Committee as a Worship Associate or Co-Chair for seven years, learning from and providing supporting roles to four ministers at 1U. Rachel has also led Worship, facilitated town hall meetings, led adult Religious Education classes, served as a Middle School Youth Advisor, and served on the Board of Trustees.

Continuing Board Positions

These three Board members are midway through their two-year terms on the Board:

·                     Treasurer John Hartgering

·                     Trustee Kimberly Bowles

·                     Trustee Al Wileden

Nominating Committee Members

The following members are recommended for two-year terms on the Nominating Committee:

·                     Arlene Delleur

·                     Gladys Smith Mangan

·                     Allan Stevenson

These members are halfway through their two-year term and will be continuing as Nominating Committee members:

·                     Kathy Homblette

·                     Alisha Kearns

·                     Patty Reynolds


Nominations by Petition

Our Nominating Committee has proposed a slate of candidates for all open, elected positions on the Board of Trustees and on the Nominating Committee. Our Bylaws detail a procedure that must be followed in order to nominate someone other than those the Nominating Committee has chosen. From our Bylaws (emphasis added):

"Nominations for any elective position may be made by petition, after the slate is presented in writing to the congregation. Nominations by petition must be made in writing to the Board Secretary, accompanied by the signatures of at least 10% of the voting members of the Church at least ten (10) days prior to the Annual Meeting. The Secretary will present nominations by petition during the elections at the Annual Meeting."

The cutoff for Nominations by Petition is May 10, 2012.

-Carolina Lofgren, Board Secretary, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


April Alliance Program

The Alliance meets Tuesdays from 10:00am to 1:00pm in Gore Hall (unless otherwise noted). Among other activities, we prepare donated items for sale in our Continuing Bazaar. Bring along a bag lunch; iced tea is provided. All are welcome!

April 3      Board Meeting and work on the Continuing Bazaar.

April 10    Lunch at the home of Ellen Hone and Sharon Durant, starting at 11:30am. We will carpool from Gore Hall at 11:00am. Work on the Continuing Bazaar prior to leaving for lunch.

April 17    Making sandwiches for the Homeless and work on the Continuing Bazaar.

April 24    Annual Meeting, Election of Officers, and Potluck Lunch. We will also work on the Continuing Bazaar.


Vicki Kirkland, Second Vice President, Programs

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Living the 7th: Green Team in April Thanks to those who attended the CIW picket last month to support farm workers! This month we support the Apopka Farm worker memorial quilt at Earth Day Festival; sign up for a 1-to-2-hour tent shift! April 5: VegCF "First Mondays" Vegan Potluck, 7:00 - 9:00pm in Gore Hall. For those curious about the veg lifestyle... The Green Team is pleased to host this Vegetarians of Central FL gathering on our campus. Join us with a covered vegan dish and prepare to sample the yummies!

April 14: Earth Cinema, 7:00pm in the Hiett Library. This month's "green documentary" is "The Real Dirt on Farmer John."

The film covers the life of John Peterson, a farmer, artist, and progressive thinker, as seen through family home movies, photographs, film, and video. In the late 1960s, John turned his traditional family farm into an experiment of art and agriculture, making it a haven for hippies, radicals, and artists. In the late 1980s, his local community ostracizes him as a devil worshipper/drug dealer, and the farm debt crisis of the time brings about the tragic collapse of his farm. Defying all odds, John eventually farms again and creates a revolutionary extended village where people and art thrive alongside agriculture.

April 21: Earth Day Festival. Join us in helping to present the Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilt Project to the wider community! Shifts are 1 - 2 hours, but the festival is 10:00am to 6:00pm. Happy Earth Day to all of you! ~Green Team ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


Save the Date!

Blood Drive on April 15! Give the gift of life. Join us in the church parking lot inside the big red bus.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


UUA Trustee Tidbits

Joan Lund, April 2012

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

As far as I am aware, I am totally of European descent; I have no American Indian heritage. I know the American history I was taught in school was fraught with inaccuracies and I am never able to completely understand the anguish experienced by Indigenous Peoples. I am also a faithful UU who is called to support the appeal of Indigenous Peoples, which means supporting the implementation of the repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery. I believe when we respond to our Indigenous Peoples' we embrace our UU Principles, exemplifying the words of Theodore Parker, "I do not pretend to understand the moral universe; the arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways; I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight; I can divine it by conscience. And from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice." (1853)

Two pieces of information you need to know: 1) Delegates to GA 2010 charged the BOT with accountability to partner organizations in Arizona, 2) Those partner organizations asked that we work on the issue of the Doctrine of Discovery. Our partners in Arizona have asked us to learn, bear witness in the Phoenix community, provide assistance through specific service opportunities, worship, and grow together. We will leave Arizona ready to partner and work together for human rights in our own communities.

Please study the 2012 Justice General Assembly UUA materials when they arrive in your congregation. There will be over 100 workshops, lectures, panel presentations, film screenings, and worship services. The UUA website states, "These programs will educate and prepare participants to build the capacity of UUs to stand in opposition to systemic racism and to witness on immigration, racial and economic justice."

In addition National Public Radio's Maria Hinojosa, Mexican/American broadcast journalist, will deliver the Ware lecture; and Rev. Karen Tse, human rights defender, international human rights attorney, and UU minister will deliver the Service of the Living Tradition sermon.

According to my colleague Rev. Michael Tino, we need to, "Answer the call of accountability to people whose history, color, and first language dehumanize and silence them in our nation." We need to answer the call to BE the faith response to the symptom in a national illness of racism that needs to be countered with faith and love. I look forward to joining my Florida UU colleagues in Phoenix. As I said after GA 2011, I hope more Florida UUs will be part of GA 2012 than ever before in the history of our District.

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