Equal Exchange Coffee

Equal Exchange Coffee

Almost every Sunday, Fair Trade Equal Exchange coffee, chocolate, cocoa, and tea are available for purchase at First Unitarian's Social Hour!

Just look for Nancy Kellman in Gore Hall after service in Social Hour.

Fair Trade means an equitable and fair relationship between marketers in the Global North and producers in the Global South; this means paying farmers and artisans a living wage for their work. 

Fair trade organizations are also committed to the following:
  • paying a fair wage in the local context

  • offering opportunities for advancement

  • providing equal employment opportunities for all people

  • engaging in environmentally sustainable practices

  • being open to public accountability

  • building long term trade relationships

  • providing healthy and safe working conditions

  • providing financial and technical assistance to family farms, small businesses and cooperatives.

 These practices reflect the values in many of our UU seven principles, and connect to one of the missions of First Unitarian -- to promote social justice and model ecological responsibility. It also fits in with the "2008-2012 CSA: Ethical Eating."

Equal Exchange coffee is a bargain; it rivals gourmet coffee in taste for about half the price ($7 per bag)! Profits from sales go toward supplying the yummy Organic Fellowship Blend that we serve at Social Hour.