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1U Program Report Covering November 2013

1U Program Report Covering November 2013

First Unitarian Church of Orlando

Monthly Program Report to the Board

Rev. Kathy Schmitz

December 2013 (Covering November 2013)

 This monthly Program Report to the Board of Trustees is intended to be a summary for congregational leaders. It is posted to the web as a handy overview for anyone interested.

Worship & Music

In November, Worship Associate, Christine Haskin, led worship on one Sunday. Rev. Kathy led worship on 3 Sundays. One of these included a New Member Welcome Ceremony. The Chalice Choir, and Welkin each performed for on two Sundays.

The theme for November was Gratitude and how it helps us with the theme for the year, Loving the Dream, Living the Dream. It was used in worship and Super Sunday the first Sunday of the month. It was also used to create the Covenant Group session for the month.

1U hosted a concert by singer-songwriter Tom Goss. This was part of an effort to establish a reputation as a venue for quality music.  A small but enthusiastic crowd brought people from the community to our campus for the first time.

Members of the AV Team teamed with the Infrastructure Network to black out the south-facing windows at the front of the sanctuary. The light from these windows was impacting visibility of the screen during worship. After much research, the most economical solution was special glass paint. 3 volunteers spent 9 hours each applying this. Their efforts greatly improved visibility.

Religious Education (Children & Adults) 

Both Children’s and Adult Religious Education continue with full schedules. We had a lot of guests in our classes, especially the younger ones.

Community, Care, & Connection

The team was delighted to welcome 20 new (and returning) members with a Pot Luck Dinner and a Welcome Ceremony. Because of the number of new people who have been attending we will be offering 2 additional Journey to Membership series, one in early January and one in early March.

A Games Night was enjoyed by 14 people.

The 3rd Annual Thanksgiving dinner at 1U attracted nearly 60 people.

Outreach & Social Justice

There were two opportunities (day and evening) to discuss Micelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow, which is the UUA Common Read.

19 of 1U folks participated in a Habitat for Humanity work day.

1U hosted the fall meeting of the Northeast Florida UU Cluster. 30 people participated in the program on Reproductive Justice, the current UUA Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI)

12th & Delaware was the first offering the new Social Justice Film series. 12 people attended and joined in discussion after. This film was in the reproductive justice arena. The 3 future offerings will concern other Social Justice issues with which the congregation is currently involved.

We collected a total of $ 1308.81 for this monthly Share-the-Plate partner, Hope CommUnity Center in Apopka. Sister Ann Kendrick and a volunteer from the Center were with us that day to offer a program in the Library and to speak briefly during the 11:00 service.

6 members of the congregation, joined Rev. Kathy at the Holocaust Center as an interfaith panel (Islam, Buddhism, & Atheism) discussed How Much Has Your Faith Tradition or World View Made the World Better? as part of the monthly Religion 201 series. Each month we are having an in –house “prep” session exploring the topic in advance of the interfaith gathering.

Program Coordinating Team

 Our Program Coordinating Team continues to meet monthly to find ways to support our program teams and facilitate their activities.


 A team to work on development of a new website has met and has a plan for moving the project forward.


Programming Statistics for November 2013:

            Sunday Morning Attendance (4 weeks):

            9:30 service:  average =  60/week

            11:00 service:  average =  150/week

            Visitors signing in:   average =  5/week

            Children’s Programming:

                  Nursery 9:30:    average = 2/week

                  Nursery 11:00: average = 3/week

                  Childcare 9:30 average = 3/week

                  Childcare 11:00:  average =

                  Classes or Super Sunday: average =  43/week

                  Coming of Age: average = 4/week

                  Adults in Children’s Programming: average = 20/week

            Adult Education classes:average = 29/week

            Events/Classes other than Sunday Morning:

                        Yoga:  average =  ?/week

                        Channing for Today (2 sessions):   total =  ??

Respectfully Submitted,


Rev. Kathy Schmitz, Chief of Staff