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1U @ Rallies and Marches 1/21

1U @ Rallies and Marches 1/21

Here is info on how First Unitarian (1U) will be participating in this weekends Women’s March – Central Florida & the Women’s March on Washington.

Below, in this order, you will find the following:

  • Women’s Rally – Central Florida: Links to event & 1U parking, services, and gathering
  • Women’s March on Washington: UU participation and general info
  • Material from our Prepping for a Successful March event.

You may also be interested in these two related events:

  • Sunday, 1/22, 1U worship, 9:30 & 11:00 am: Our guest speaker’s sermon, When Abortion Was Illegal: The Untold Story of 250,000 Women and A Modern Underground Railroad will address abortion access before Roe v Wade. (More Info)
  • Wednesday, 1/25, Issues & Actions Program at 1U will include update on current legislation impacting reproductive justice and a mini-training on face-to-face lobbying. (More Info)

Women’s Rally – Central Florida

Here are links to event information for the Women’s Rally – Central Florida.

Parking & Services at First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U)

  • Parking is available at First Unitarian (1901 E. Robinson St.) There may be parking downtown, but for those who wish to avoid the traffic, this is an option. Drivers may wish to drop off their passengers near the event and then come to 1U to park. You can either walk to the rally or use our ride sharing option below.
  • Google says it is a 1.2 miles, 24 minute walk to the Women’s Rally – Central Florida. (As of Tuesday evening, the weather app is suggesting it will be a beautiful day.)
  • We will have the doors open for a while on either end of the rally so that people can access restrooms. Water and snacks will be available. Ride coordinator will be available.(see below)

The Proposed Schedule on the Rally website as of mid-day Tuesday is

  • 1:00-1:30 pm     Meet & Greet Local Non-Profits
  • 1:30-1:45 pm     General Seating
  • 1:45-3:15 pm     Rally Program–Will Be Announced Week of 1/15
  • 3:15-3:45 pm     March Around Lake Eola

Based on this, our plans at First Unitarian are:

12:15–1:30 pm

First Unitarian’s Gore Hall will be open. Water, snacks, & restrooms available. Hosted by Dayle.

12:30–1:00 pm

Ride sharing & shuttles will be coordinated on site at 1U by Charlie.
12:30-1:00 Drivers with vehicles take groups of riders from 1U to the rally
1:00-1:15    Drivers return, park their vehicles at 1U, then Charlie drives them to the rally
1:15              Charlie returns his car to 1U and rides his bike to the rally

12:30–1:15 pm

Those wishing can gather near the “woman” sculpture to the north west of the band shell. Libby will be there wearing a yellow Standing on the Side of Love shirt and a yellow hat. After that time frame, look for a splash of yellow in the crowd.

3:45–4:30 pm

First Unitarian’s Gore Hall will be open. Water, snacks, & restrooms available. Hosted by Dayle.

After March (~3:45)

Charlie will coordinate with drivers to shuttle them back to their cars at First Unitarian.
3:45           Charlie rides his bike back to 1U and gets his car
4:00-4:15 Charlie picks up the drivers at the rally and takes them to 1U
4:15-4:30 Drivers pick up riders at the rally and take them to 1U

This is our best plan based on the information available today. Things are morphing all the time, so please be patient with those who have offered to help give the 1U presence some grounding.

Bus from Colonial Plaza to Lake Eola (another option)

  • Lynx 51 bus goes west from Colonial Plaza along Robinson to Lake Eola . Colonial Super Bus Stop and parking is near Bealls and Pier One close to Primrose Dr.
  • The bus leaves hourly on the 54 minute mark from Colonial Plaza / Primrose Drive (eg 12:54 pm).
    Cost $2 each trip and they do not make change . Takes 4 minutes to get to church and there is a bus stop very close on Robinson St.
  • Same 51 bus leaves hourly on the 15 minute mark from the Lynx station going east on Robinson St to return people to cars at either church or Bus Stop On Primrose Drive. Shouldn’t take but 5 or so minutes to get to Lake Eola.

Women’s March on Washington

There are at least four march buses going to DC from the Orlando area. Over two dozen Unitarian Universalists from Central Florida (including Rev. Kathy) are on their way – some by bus and by other means.

The website for the Women’s March on Washington (WMW). You may wish to browse around the site but here are some particular area of interest.

  • Check out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). It’s all interesting to scan but I suggest scrolling down to “WHAT TO BRING TO THE MARCH.” Right below that is the “ACCESSIBILITY” section which may be of interest to some.
  • In the “Press” section, you may want to check out the “Statement of Inclusivity.” It describes the leader evolution we mentioned.
  • Under the “About” section, take a look at “Mission” and “Unity Principles.” The download available under “Unity Principles” has the “Guiding Vision and Definition of Principles,” which connect the many issues under consideration in the march issues.

Facebook pages

Additional Info:

  • Florida Congress Women will be hosting a Saturday morning breakfast for marchers from the Sunshine State. Register here.
  • Here are some warming stations that will be available.
  • Here is a NY Times article on some of the conversation about diversity:

Material from Training Workshop