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Architect Proposal to go to Annual Congregational Meeting

The Building Committee appreciates everyone who turned up for the four Cottage Meetings to review the Architect’s proposals.  We took your comments to heart and have made a recommendation to the board to go forward with our campus renovation and a Capital Campaign with KTH Architects in a Design-Build model.  We will be putting forward a vote to the congregation to that effect at our Annual Meeting on May 18th.

While we felt like both architects were outstanding and that we’d have great success with either of them, we chose KTH Architects because:

•         We prefer the Design-Build model.

•         KTH complied with the requirements of the Request for Proposal.

•         A majority of the Cottage Meeting attendees voted for KTH.

•         KTH has shown how much they want to work with us as well as a genuine enthusiasm and strong willingness to work with us through lots of changes and meetings.  They are also very willing to incorporate our ideas.

•         After the interviews, we feel like we would have a stronger working relationship with them.

•         Their references were glowing.

•         There is a significant cost savings with them.

We will go into much more detail at the Congregational Meeting on May 18th about our recommendations, reasoning and plans for the next steps.  Please plan on attending.  The packet for the meeting, along with the wording of the vote for the campus renovation is attached.  If you have any questions, please contact bldgcommunications@OrlandoUU.org