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Awakening the Dreamer Symposium

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium

First Unitarian Church of Orlando will host an “Awakening the Dreamer” symposium on Saturday, March 5th.  This event is an opportunity to deepen your spiritual commitment to creating a just and sustainable future for life on earth.

Here is a letter from our guest facilitators for the day.

Dear Friends ~

Join us for 4 hours that will have you looking at the world with fresh eyes

This is a special invitation about a FREE Pachamama Alliance symposium on March 5 in Orlando, FL.  We hope you will attend.

We discovered the Pachamama Alliance organization in 2014 and immediately connected with their mission.


  • Having everything we need to create a sustainable, just, and fulfilling world
  • Understanding the unique contribution you can make in your community
  • Feeling hopeful about the future of our planet and species

You don’t have to just imagine these things.  Together, we can make them real!

Explore how we can and why we must create the world of our dreams.

Join us for a transformative, multimedia workshop in Orlando.

The “Awakening the Dreamer” Symposium

Saturday, March 5 from 1pm to 5pm (registration starting at 12:30pm – please arrive early to settle in for a PROMPT start at 1 o’clock)

NOTE:  please bring a refillable water bottle and a journal or notebook

Location:  First Unitarian Church of Orlando, 1901 E. Robinson St., Orlando, FL, 32803

Co-sponsored by: First Unitarian Church of Orlando

Register here

FREE  ~  “Goodwill Offering” invited

Whether you feel you know a lot or a little about environmental sustainability, social justice, or spiritual fulfillment, we promise this Symposium will have you looking at what you know and how you live in a new and inspiring light.

As someone who works to improve lives, you could add a lot to the conversations the Symposium inspires.  And we promise you’ll leave this event fired up with new ideas and a powerful context for your work and life.

Participants will leave empowered to take clear steps to embody their vision for a better world, and having established new connections to work with others on common issues.  We will gather for high conversation and thoughtful engagement.  It will be exciting to come together to expand our worldview and clarify our individual and collective role in creating a world that works for everyone.

If you would like to learn more, specifically about the Symposium, please visit their website.

If you have any questions, please call Bob & Noel at 920-418-4862.

Looking forward to seeing you on March 5th !

Noel Marshall & Bob Warner

P.S. If you know someone else who would be interested in this transformative experience, please share this email and invite them to join you – the more the merrier!

Also… here is a Colorful Flyer for you to print and post at coffeehouses and anywhere else you would like!