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Building the Dream Update – 7/7/15

Building the Dream Update – 7/7/15

An Important Message from the BTD Team

It has been about six weeks since our last communication about the Building The Dream initiative and we wanted to give you an update on where we were.  When we last met at our Congregational Meeting on May 17th, we told you that we needed to Pause To Make The Financials Work.  We are still doing this.  It is a slower-than-expected process because we need to get re-drawn plans and then get financial figures for those plans.  We have had one round of that process and the financial figures were much closer than the first round, but they were still not where we needed them to be.  We are still fine tuning the process.  We want to continue the transparency that we’ve had with you and will share new plans only after we are confident that we can afford them.

We are having a meeting after church on July 12th at 12:30pm to give an update on where we are.  Please join us if you can. 

There are plenty of other costs that we are taking into consideration and trying to work around with our $1.7 Million Project Cost Budget:

  • Renovating Gore Hall, including re-doing our outdated kitchen
  • Renovating existing Enrichment Center buildings that we will still be using as additional space for our music program and for storage.
  • Moving the driveway to the west side of the campus and landscaping the entire campus so that it looks cohesive.
  • All of the other costs included such as furniture, fixtures, legal fees, permitting, etc.

Our goal is to still get us a campus that will make us proud yet will not put us into more financial debt than we can manage.

Our priorities have not changed—here is what we have heard from you that they are:

  • A new, safe, updated space for our Children’s RE that we can feel proud of.
  • A more inviting, forward-facing campus that is attractive and inviting from Robinson Street.
  • Resolution of the roofing and electrical issues that have plagued us in Gore Hall.
  • Making the space as green as possible for now, and able to be even more green to reflect our values as we grow .

We are still working out the details with our architects and contractor and have had several meetings with them to discuss the difficult trade-offs.  At this point, we do expect that we will have a one-story building and are looking at several unexpected upsides to that possibility.

We have also added several members to our Building The Dream Team.  Dan Homblette is leading our Construction team and Tommy Harrison is heading our Communications team with a number of great helpers.

Please plan on joining us for our update on July 12th.  And we thank you as always for the tremendous support you’ve shown us.