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Campus Description and Maps


The campus of First Unitarian Church of Orlando has these main areas: Gore Hall, the Sanctuary, Labyrinth, the Enrichment Center, and the Community Garden.

Full Campus map


When you enter our driveway and parking area off Hampton Ave., Gore Hall is the long building to your left. Its main entrance is roughly in the middle of the north side of the building, and it leads to the Gore Hall Foyer. This is an open area with restrooms. To the right of the foyer is the main room, called either Gore Hall or Fellowship Hall. At the far end of that room is the kitchen.

On the left side of the foyer you’ll find an open area with the bookshelves of our Lending Library. Next to that is the Resale shop run by a group at our church called the Alliance. On the far end are Classrooms A and B.


Along the south side of Gore Hall you overlook the patio that stretches over to the Sanctuary, which is our worship space. The main entrance to the Sanctuary is on the west side. Inside the foyer, you’ll see a hallway that leads to the right; it takes you to the Wiggle Room, which is a place where parents can take restless children and still watch and hear the service. Farther down the hallway are the restrooms.

Before you sit down in the Sanctuary, look to see if there’s a current art exhibition on the back walls. These exhibits are tied to sermon themes and are changed three or four times a year. We have a grand piano and various drums to make music, a choir area, and a stage with its pulpit. A chalice sits on a table next to the pulpit. We light the chalice at the beginning of the service and extinguish it at the end. A large projection screen hangs above the stage and pulpit; that’s where the A/V Team projects information, visuals, and hymn lyrics.


As you leave the Sanctuary, you pass our Labyrinth on the way to the Enrichment Center. This large, circular arrangement of stones in the patio is used for walking meditations. Click here for more information about this amazing resource.


The Enrichment Center is a quadrangle arrangement of buildings around a central, grassy courtyard. You’ll see the opening to the courtyard just beyond the Labyrinth. As you walk through that opening, you’ll find a restroom to your right, and the Nursery to your left.

When you emerge into the courtyard, the long building to your left (south side of the courtyard) houses Classrooms 1 through 5. These rooms are used for Children’s Religious Education and other purposes.

The far side of the courtyard (the west side) has the Music Library, the Studio (for yoga, Tai Chi, and music-making), more restrooms, and the Community Room.

Around the corner from the Community Room, on the right (north) side, is the Assembly Room. This is a larger room with a kitchenette, tables, and chairs. To the right of the Assembly Room is the Gathering  Space, which is a smaller conference-type room.

You pass another opening that leads to the parking lot. However, if you remain in the courtyard, you see the last building (northeast side of courtyard) that houses church offices for the Minister, Director of Children and Youth Ministries, Church Administrator, and Program Assistant. The Volunteer Office is also in this same building.


North of the Enrichment Center and west of the driveway and parking area is the Community Garden. Click here to go to our Community Garden page.


Contact the Church Office to get a copy of this plan.