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We offer childcare for elementary school–age children from 5 to 12 years old on Sunday mornings throughout the year, whenever the children are not scheduled to be in the Sanctuary or in Children’s Religious Education classes.

Visiting children are welcome to participate this program. If your child has not previously registered for our program, please exit the Sanctuary with the Religious Education staff and children (just after the Words for All Ages segment of the service) and fill out a visitor form before returning to the worship service.


At 9:30 am, while parents may be in Adult Religious Education, childcare takes place in the Nursery. There, children may play with the little ones or engage in activities suited to their age.

At 10:30 am, children start in the Sanctuary with their families. After Words for All Ages (about 15 minutes into the service), they go with a member of our Religious Education staff to the Enrichment Center for activities.


Our Nursery, for children 9 months through 5 years, is open each Sunday morning from 9:15 am to 1:00 pm.


Our Sanctuary features a Wiggle Room for families and their little ones, which includes a rocking chair and a space to play as well as a large window into the Sanctuary and speakers connected to the lectern microphone. This space allows parents to see and hear the worship service during those times when their children need at little more opportunity to wiggle or gurgle. To access the Wiggle Room: As you enter the Sanctuary building, turn right and proceed down the inside hallway in the direction of the restrooms. The Wiggle Room is on the left side.