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At 1U, community matters to us, and we have a number of programs that help members and friends connect to one another.

Beloved Conversations

Dinner with Friends evenings are organized several times a year providing members and friends a chance to enjoy a tasty meal and good conversation. A great way to get know folks in the congregation!

1st Sunday of the Month Fellowship is a chance for 1U  members and friends gather in various parts of Orlando (Winter Park, East of the 417, Downtown, West Orlando, South Orlando, so far) for neighborhood connections. These are opportunities for social interactions, a meal and/or beverage, and the chance to expand relationships. Unlike “Dinner with Friends,” groups are meeting at neighborhood restaurants, not individual homes. If you are interested in learning more or to find a group near you, contact Kathy Homblette at Fellowship@orlandouu.org. Times and locations vary.

Covenant Groups are a yearlong experience that gives those who have made the commitment of membership a chance to get to know others on a deeper level.

Caring Circle provides practical assistance to members in times of need.

Pastoral Associates provides a ministry of presence for members facing life’s challenges.

Check out the fuller descriptions to see how you might connect more deeply with our community.