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Want to Get Involved?

So, is it time to get a little more involved? Want to meet more people and start being part of helping to make things work around 1U? There are lots of ways to do this, and we hope to help you find the way that is just right for you.

One of the blessings of being part of an active congregation is that there are many activities from which to choose. This can also be a challenge, so here’s a simple way to approach getting involved: Choose three things to do, one from each of these categories of Worship, Deepen, and Serve.


Take time each week to nurture your spirit. This might be on Sunday morning, but there are other opportunities for spiritual practice as well, including Thursday Night Meditation, the rituals offered by Mystic Grove, and periodic seasonal offerings.


Commit to a regular way to deep your understanding and connections. Attend a weekly or monthly class. Join the Chalice Choir or the Folk Ensemble. Connect with those in your neighborhood for a monthly First Sunday Fellowship gathering. Attend one of our interest groups (the Alliance, the Retired Men’s Group aka RUUM, or Midlife Couples.) The important thing is find something that helps you grow in an understanding of yourself, others, and our world.


Find a way to be of service. This might be within the 1U community. For example:

  • Sign up to greet or to help with social hour once a month.
  • Volunteer to help out in our Children’s Religious Education program.
  • Serve in the wider community through our outreach of social justice offerings.
  • Join in on a Second Harvest Work Day.
  • Participate and rally for economic justice.

There are even more ways to serve. Let us help you find a way to do so with joy!

More Resources

One great way to get to know about what’s happening is our annual Opportunity Fiesta, which usually takes place the last two Sundays in August. From noon to 1:00 pm, all the various groups and programs of our church have information tables set up in our fellowship Hall (Gore Hall) and are eager to share information and answer questions.

When you are ready to become a formal member of the congregation, watch for news of the next Journey to Membership series. These are offered at least twice a year and give participants a deeper view into the rights and responsibilities of formal membership, so that they can decide if this is a step they wish to take.

This website and our Weekly Update (aka the eblast) list our many opportunities. Unless otherwise specified, all groups and activities are pleased to welcome new participants.