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1U (pronounced one-you) — The affectionate name for First Unitarian Church of Orlando.

AA — Alcoholics Anonymous, a group that meets regularly on our campus.

Alliance — A group of (mostly) women and some men from First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U) and the University Unitarian Universalist Society (UUUs) that meet weekly. Read more about this group here.

ARE — Adult religious education. Read more here.

BtA — Bending the Arc Institute: A Learning Community for Social Engagement. Encouraging active engagement in a vibrant democracy and public life, the Bending the Arc Institute trains and empowers individuals and communities in Central Florida to put their values into action through workshops, small groups, and networking in a supportive environment. Focusing on progressive social values, BtA is coordinated by First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U), working in partnership with the rich network of organizations currently serving our region.

BOT — Board of Trustees. Elected officers who meet monthly to oversee the business of the congregation between congregational meetings. We are a democratically run, self-supporting congregation. Read more about the Board here.

Bylaws — Rules adopted by the congregation for the government of its members and the regulation of its affairs. Read our Bylaws here.

Canvass — Annual stewardship campaign or pledge drive.

CDW — Childcare during worship. Read more about this here.

Child Dedication Ceremony — The ceremony by which UUs welcome children, often infants, into the community. It is a family-oriented ceremony that takes place in the context of Sunday worship.

Covenant Group — A form of Small Group Ministry. Read more here.

CRE — Children’s religious education. Read more here.

CSAI — Congregational Study/Action Issue. Read about them on the UUA website here.

Eblast — Another name for the Weekly Update, which is a weekly email that tells what’s going on at First Unitarian Church of Orlando in the near future. Click here for the Eblast.

EC — Enrichment Center. This is the complex of buildings and rooms west of the Sanctuary, where church offices, nursery, classrooms, music/yoga studio, assembly room, gathering room, and the community room are situated.

E.M.C. — Eclectic Music Collective. Read more about E.M.C. here.

Endowment Fund (Board) — The Endowment Fund is a non-profit corporation that receives, manages, and maintains funds for the long-term growth and support of the church and its mission. It has its own elected officers and all First Unitarian Church of Orlando members are members of the Endowment Fund. Read more about the Endowment Fund here.

Executive Committee — The Executive Committee is a subset of the Board of Trustees and includes the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Past President, and Minister. It meets to set the agenda for the monthly Board of Trustees meeting.

Fiscal Year — The fiscal year for First Unitarian Church runs from July 1 to June 30. Pledges and their payments are also made for this same time period.

Flower Communion — An annual ceremony held in May or June to celebrate the diversity of the community and the end of our Program Year. The ceremony is part of an intergenerational Sunday morning service. Each person is encouraged to bring a flower (from garden, field, or shop) to add to a communal bouquet in the front of the Sanctuary. This represents the diversity of gifts and perspectives we bring to our common life. At the end of the ceremony, each person goes home with a flower other than the one they brought. This represents the diversity of gifts we receive from the community.

GA — General Assembly, the annual meeting of Unitarian Universalists, normally in June.

Mystic Grove — 1U’s Pagan/Heathen Group. Learn more about Mystic Grove here.

Nominating Committee — The committee that prepares a slate of qualified members to replace vacant officer and  trustee positions on the Board of Trustees and the Nominating Committee. Eligible First Unitarian Church members will vote on the slate at the Annual Congregational meeting, which is held in May.

One Room Schoolhouse — There is much value in multi-age classrooms! Roughly once per month, depending upon events or our learning goals, children will attend One-Room School House during RE (religious education) class time. We may host guest speakers, prepare for an upcoming service, or organize a community outreach project.

OOS — Order of Service, the bulletin that describes the worship service — handed to you by a greeter as you enter the Sunday worship service.

OWLOur Whole Lives, an age-appropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sexuality education taught to children on our campus.

Pledge — An annual financial commitment as a condition of membership.

PPGO — Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando.

Program Year — Much of our programming follows the school year calendar. Our Program Year is effectively the school year. Things slow down over the summer, and programs begin anew each Fall.

RE — Religious Education. We have RE at different levels: Children, Youth, and Adult.

RUUM — Retired Unitarian Universalist Men’s group. Read more about them here.

Sanctuary — The building where we hold our worship service.

Southern Region — Five geographical regions make up the UUA for administrative purposes. Florida is in the Southern Region, which goes from Texas to Virginia and down to Florida.

STP — Share the Plate, a program of sharing our collection plate with groups and causes that are consistent with our values. You can read more here.

UU — Unitarian Universalist.

UUA — Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations is an association of over 1,000 UU congregations, primarily located in the United States.

UUSC — Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, which promotes our UU values while working for human rights and humanitarian aid around the world.

Water Communion — An annual ingathering ceremony that celebrates the community being back together after summer travels and activities. It is typically held as part of an intergenerational service the Sunday after Labor Day. It marks the end of the summer schedule and the beginning of the new Program Year.

Weekend Update — The paper surrounding the Order of Service handed out to those entering the worship service. This update is a briefer version of the similarly named Weekly Update (see next item in this glossary).

Weekly Update (Eblast) — A weekly informational email sent out (usually) on Thursdays and available on the 1U website. The Weekly Update is found at Orlandouu.org under the News & Events tab or on the home page in the lower left corner. You can go to it directly from here.

Wiggle Room — This space allows parents to see and hear the worship service during those times when their active little ones need an opportunity to wiggle, gurgle, or play. Read more about it here.

Words for All Ages — a section of the Sunday service designed specifically for children.

WUURL — Women Unitarian Universalists Relishing Life. More information can be found here.