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Ready to Go Deeper?

Are you wanting to go a deeper in your participation and commitment at 1U? Do you want to get further involved in an area you are already enjoying or would you like to explore something new?

Consider serving in deeper ways. This might include being trained as a Worship Associate or a Pastoral Associate. It might mean being part of a Covenant Group and perhaps a Covenant Group Anchor.

You might offer to be an assistant to a leader as way of learning and being a support (we can all use support, yes?). When you are ready, take your turn at leadership. Seek out a well-rounded experience of congregational life.

Consider formal leadership. Committee leadership and elected positions (e.g., Board of Trustees) is reserved for formal members. This is based on the assumption that serving in these capacities requires are certain level of commitment.

While some of these opportunities are open to those who are not yet members, there is an assumption of a certain level of commitment before being involved in these way. If you are have questions, have a chat with the program leader.