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We have a variety of self-organizing groups that call 1U home. Groups gather around an interest or a demographic, and they are a great way to deepen your 1U experience. Groups are open to all who relate to the interest or demographic of the group.

Groups typically meet weekly or monthly. Some groups have a fairly regular participation, while others have a fairly variable participation. Feel free to check out any groups that might be of interest:


Black Cat Café


Midlife Couples Camaraderie Group

Meditation The Thursday Night Meditation Group that has meet for 17 years at 1U has come to an end. The facilitators of this group have been honored to hold a space for this sacred practice. Thank you for all of your support, and we wish everyone the best on their spiritual path.

Mystic Grove

RUUM: Retired UU Men

WUURL: Women Unitarian Universalists Relishing Life