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The Alliance is group of (mostly) women and some men from First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U) and the Unitarian Unitarian Universalist Society (UUUs) that meet weekly for the following purposes:

  • Fellowship
  • Community projects
  • Cultural activities
  • Support of local Unitarian Universalist churches
  • Fundraising for charitable donations

It is our oldest group and has been in existence almost as long as First Unitarian itself!

Its main project is the “Continuing Bazaar” ReSale Shop, located in a small room off First Unitarian’s Gore Hall Library. You can shop Tuesdays during the Alliance meeting and Sundays after the worship service. The Alliance also holds a Christmas Boutique each December.

Proceeds from the store go to local charities that the Alliance supports.


The Alliance meets Tuesdays from 10:30 am until 1:00 pm in Gore Hall, except on occasions when they dine out. Bring along a bag lunch; drinks are provided. There are often featured speakers or special programs. Details of the next meeting are published in the Weekly Update, also know as the eblast.

How to Join

Most of our members come from both the First Unitarian Church and the University Unitarian Universalist Society, but you do not have to be a church member to join. People of all ages are welcome to join in body or spirit. Some are able to come each Tuesday; others come occasionally. Others are not able to come at all, but still send their annual membership dues in support of the Alliance’s work. See our Treasurer for dues information.

Officers for 2017–2018 

President – Shirley Jantzen
1st Vice President-sales – Charlotte Kendall
2nd Vice President-programs – (vacant)
Recording Secretary – Sharon Durrant
Corresponding Secretary – Alice Jordan
Treasurer – Jean Cawelti

For more information about the Alliance, please email alliance@orlandouu.org or pop by a Tuesday meeting. New members and guests are always welcome!