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Join us at First Unitarian Church of Orlando every Thursday 7:00-8:00 pm, in the Studio (West end of the Enrichment Center) for eclectic meditation practice based in, but not limited to, the Mindfulness tradition. After introductions, we have a 20-minute sit followed by discussion. We close with another 10-minute sit. Open to those with and without meditation experience. Drop in friendly.


Join the University Unitarian Universalist Society folks on Wednesday mornings from 8:30 am to 9:00 am on their campus at 11648 McCulloch Rd. in Orlando (out near the University of Central FL). All are welcome to participate in a lightly guided morning sitting practice to get the day started.


Our labyrinth (click here for more information)  is easily accessible between the Sanctuary and the Enrichment Center, and it is available as a community resource. A labyrinth is a pattern laid out for walking or tracing, most often in rounded loops around a central point. Unlike a maze, which challenges you to navigate its length, a labyrinth has a single clear path. It is a walking meditation, which can be used for centering or grounding, for reflections or discernment, or for life passages and celebrations. After reaching the center, walkers retrace their steps, arriving back where they began, often changed within.

Groups of 10 or more planning to come together are asked to check with the church office in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts. You can contact the office at 407-898-3621 or info@OrlandoUU.org