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RUUM: Retired UU Men


Members of the Retired UU Men and their guests tour the performing arts center

Retired Unitarian
Universalist Men
RUUM is a group of mostly retired men from  First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U) and the Unitarian Unitarian Universalist Society (UUUs) that usually meet twice a month for the following purpose:
  • Fellowship and discussion
  • Social activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Support of our church

What do you do?
We are primarily a social group for retired men or those with quite a bit of free daytime. We also support the church in volunteer ways when needed. Some of us usually conduct one church service per year when the minister is on vacation. Some volunteer for community service activities such as helping at food banks and after school programs. We may join other church groups in church and community activities. In normal times (non pandemic) we usually have a monthly social outing such as lunch and an eco boat tour, picnic lunch and tour of Bok Gardens, guided museum visit, guided tour of a botanical garden, bowling. Almost anything compatible with enough member interest. When the venue will support a larger group we may invite spouses or significant others.
When do you meet?

Meeting days are dependent on the group’s desire and the schedule of other church activities. Currently we meet on the first Wednesday for bag lunch and discussion at 11:30AM in one of the church rooms. The third Wednesday or that week is usually our planned social outing and the day and time varies depending on the venue. Some outings are just a few hours and others are almost a full day.

NOTE: During the pandemic we are meeting the 1st and 3rd Wednesday on Zoom from 11:30AM to about 1PM. We have a check-in and often share a video for discussion.
 Details of the next meeting are published in the Weekly Update, also known as the eblast.
How can I join the RUUM group?


Most of our members come from both the First Unitarian Church and the University Unitarian Universalist Society, but you do not have to be a church member to join.

Who leads this group?

OFFICERS FOR 2020–2021

Chairman – Roger Gatlin

Vice Chairman- Steve Udouj


For more information about RUUM, please email ruum@orlandouu.org

Additional information
For the retired or nearly retired men the RUUM group offers a nice connection with similar members who have time for some daytime activities. It is a nice way to get to know other men. Because the venue for many activities can accommodate more, you may also have the opportunity to include a spouse, significant other or family member.
For those who wish, there are also some church and community volunteer activities that come up.
Time commitments are entirely up to you. There is no attendance or participation requirement.
1uvolunteer.wordpress.com will be the Online Volunteer Opportunities Fiesta in 2020-2021.