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Hearts and Hands Service Auction 2019

HEARTS & HANDS Service Auction


Saturday April 6, 2019, was such fun sharing the evening with other 1U members and friends at our very first Hearts and Hands auction at 1U.  With both silent and live auction items, over $19,000 gross was brought in that evening!  Woo hoo!

Thank you to the leadership by all those involved, including Karen Ramberg who got us started, and then Linnea Nelson who served as the Chair and filled in by Carolina Lofgren when Linnea was not available.  In addition, Carolina and Ken Lofgren handled facilities, including figuring out how to display all the terrific donated items in the Silent Auction with LIMITED space. The volunteers that helped them were great, moving things here and there and everywhere!!  NO easy task!  Charlotte Kendall and Linda Piantieri coordinated all the yummy food and beverages which we consumed throughout the evening, and they had a team to help get it ready and out where needed throughout the evening as well as various great bartenders to assist with getting adult beverages served.  They also did the decorating to make it feel so lovely and welcoming throughout every room.  Lindsay Stroh and Steph Garber worked with great volunteers on their teams getting commitments for donations from both members and businesses in our community so we would have something to sell! They also sold many tickets for the 50/50 Raffle and Heads and Tails game. Suzanne Oberholtzer did all the beautiful artwork and signage, including designing the logo, which we all felt was terrific.  She also worked with others in facilitating communications … always a challenge in a project this enormous.
And thank you to each of YOU!  Whether you were a volunteer on one of these teams, a clean-up helper, or a donor, your part helped make the difference!  I hope you enjoyed yourselves, in addition to finding lots of valuable offerings!!!
Send suggestions for changes to next year’s auction to auction@orlandouu.org  We are open to any you wish to share!