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Children and Youth Religious Education

We are excited to welcome you to our Children and Youth Religious Education program, and we look forward to another year of learning and growing at 1U.

While we may look a little different this year as we continue to move to online classes at home, our mission remains the same: to exemplify liberal religion in Central Florida by empowering and engaging our youth as a foundational part of their lifelong spiritual growth.

1U is committed to providing continuity of education during this difficult time.  To do this, we have enthusiastically embraced online remote learning. New technology and personalized support are combined to keep our children and youth learning, while also maintaining the excellent, inclusive pastoral care that sets us apart from other churches. Learning may be remote but the youngest members of our congregation don’t have to feel alone.

In the words of a Unitarian minister generations ago:  “The goal of religious education is not to stamp our minds upon the young, but to stir up their own.”


Fall Term: September 20th – December 13th 2020

Ages: Pre K to 5th grade: Soul Matters curriculum, designed for our digital age

This dynamic and engaging program will include videos and at-home curriculum, which will be accessible through weekly emails. Course content will also be available on our website and within the private Facebook page. Supply kits are available by subscription and are delivered once a month. Story and meditation videos posted weekly with accompanying at-home curriculum published weekly. RE supply kits are delivered directly to your home. More information about the Soul Matters series can be found at https://www.soulmatterssharingcircle.com/

Youth Group 
Ages 12 – 18

To learn more about any of the following activities or groups, please contact us HERE (youthgroup@orlandouu.org)

  • Dungeons & Dragons: A weekly role-playing game with fellow youth, including discussions on UU values and ethics through game play.
  • Monthly Fun & Fellowship Events: A monthly game night with fellow youth online.
  • FAMILY & PARENT ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: To learn more about any of the following activities or groups, please contact us.
  • Weekly Family Connection & Support Group: A weekly online opportunity to check in with one another and play games.
  • Worship Engagement: Holiday Services, Special Services and ceremonies.

During these extraordinary circumstances, our children are having to bear the direct consequences of the current pandemic on their young lives.  However as a result, we feel certain that they will become a real force for good, and many will become pioneers in finding ways to make the world a far better place for future generations.  At 1U we believe it is our responsibility to help them achieve that goal.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: The Children and Youth Religious Education program is managed by Sarah Gray, our Interim Religious Education Coordinator, working with a committee of experienced volunteers in the church. We invite you to contact Sarah at RECoordinator@OrlandoUU.org for more information.


Children’s Religious Education (CRE) programming at First Unitarian Church of Orlando exemplifies our Unitarian Universalist values in the classroom, on campus, and in the larger community.

Volunteering in CRE helps you —

  • Grow in your own faith
  • Make a difference
  • Develop UU identity in our students.

Imagine the impact you can have on the world by volunteering in CRE!

We have different ways you can volunteer for our Religious Education program —  some involve working with children, while other opportunities have no direct contact with children. For the safety of our children, all RE volunteers must pass a background check.OrlandoUU

CHILDREN AND YOUTH RELIGIOUS EDUCATION VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: The mission of our Religious Education (RE) Program at First Unitarian Church of Orlando is to exemplify liberal religion in Central Florida by empowering and engaging our youth as a foundational part of their lifelong spiritual growth.

To do this, we need the dedication and support of our beloved community. This can take many forms – dedicated teachers and advisors to engage the children, organizers and planners to help steer the year and provide behind-the-scenes support, and cheerleaders of the RE program who can do the work to bridge connections between RE and the rest of the church.  

We have room for all who have the desire to enrich our children and youth, no matter what your parental status is or what time and talents you have to offer, 1U is looking for enthusiastic and committed volunteers for the following positions (at this time, all meetings will take place remotely:)

  •  Children and Youth Religious Education Steering Committee: Vice-chair; Secretary; Member(s) at large.
  • Task Teams: Children’s RE; Youth Group; Family Engagement
  • Volunteering for future planning: OWL Spirit Play

To sign up, please follow this link https://forms.gle/5o4JkCQRddxwHRzT8  

Learn more details about the RE Committee and Volunteer Task Teams here!