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Volunteer in Children’s Religious Education



Children’s Religious Education (CRE) programming at First Unitarian Church of Orlando exemplifies our Unitarian Universalist values in the classroom, on campus, and in the larger community.

Volunteering in CRE helps you —

  • Grow in your own faith
  • Make a difference
  • Develop UU identity in our students.

Imagine the impact you can have on the world by volunteering in CRE!

We have different ways you can volunteer for our Religious Education program —  some involve working with children, while other opportunities have no direct contact with children. For the safety of our children, all RE volunteers must pass a background check.


Perhaps you’re someone who isn’t comfortable managing or spending a lot of time with kids, but you’re committed to making sure they have a safe and enriching experience at 1U. We have volunteer jobs for you!

RE Ambassador

Our program is growing and we are looking for dynamic people to help match our awesome 1U folks to the numerous RE volunteer positions. If you don’t feel well connected in the congregation, this is a great way to meet new people and interact. We need cheerleaders who can talk about all the wonderful things we’re doing for our kids and secure volunteers to ensure our growth.

RE Hospitality Coordinator

The Hospitality Coordinator helps organize food and beverages for various events. This volunteer may work with the Special Events Coordinator, the RE Coordinator, or both. Some example events include: volunteer orientation, program evaluation luncheons, RE Sunday, youth group events, and the Halloween and Easter parties.

RE Fundraising Coordinator

As our youth program grows, we need help securing funds to bring their dreams to fruition. The Fundraising Coordinator works with the Interim Religious Education Coordinator, students, and parents to organize various fundraising efforts. These could be small online campaigns to medium-scale event project management.

Special Events Coordinator

Organizing, event planning, implementation, and securing helpers is what this position is all about. Work with the Interim Religious Education Coordinator and various groups/parents to bring to life such events as Halloween and Easter.


Religious Education Teacher

RE volunteers teach classes for children age 4 through high school. They lead class discussions and engage children in the class materials. Teachers are provided lesson materials, plans, and resources. The curriculum changes each year. Please see the Children’s RE page to see this year’s offerings.

Sunday morning classes begin in the Sanctuary at 10:30 am, so children can attend the first part of our worship service. After “Words for All Ages,” teachers escort students to the Enrichment Center around 10:45 am, where students remain until parent pickup at 11:45 am. Parents are expected to sign their children out.

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Teacher

Our Whole Lives (OWL) teachers implement the Our Whole Lives Program that provides accurate, developmentally appropriate information on a range of human sexuality education topics. OWL teachers promote an inclusive and safe environment that emphasizes personal values, self worth, and responsibility. See the OWL page for more information. This program is offered occasionally.

Youth Group Advisor

Youth Advisors work with high school students (ages 14–18) on 1st and 3rd Sundays. During the first hour, they assist the youth in leading their covenant group sessions. The second hour is spent in fellowship, games, art, and more. Contact the Youth Group Liaison for more information.  

Extra Chaperones

On field trips and off-campus events for lower and upper grade students, parents are the primary chaperones, but extra helpers are welcome. These chaperones help supervise outings in a variety of capacities. Sometimes we only need an adult presence, while other times we need transportation, meals, set up, clean up, and/or engaging interaction. Some events in the past have included: packing food at Second Harvest Food Bank, participating in the United Against Poverty 5K, field trips to various houses of worship, festivals, lock-ins, and overnight trips.


There is always something to be done in religious education at 1U! Email Sarah Gray, our Interim Religious Education Coordinator (RECoordinator@OrlandoUU.org), with your interests and talents.