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The First Unitarian Church of Orlando has both members and friends. Members are those people who’ve chosen to take the steps, defined by our Bylaws, to become formal voting members of the congregation. There are many people who attend worship and are involved in the community that are not formal members. These people are our friends—and it’s great to have friends. But congregations also need members—people who feel ready to make a special commitment to this congregation. This level of commitment is good for the congregation, of course, but it is also a joy for the person making the commitment when they are ready to do so because they believe that have found their spiritual home.

When people are interested in membership at First Unitarian, we recommend a couple of things. First, we suggest that they participate in our community long enough to be sure that this is really a commitment that they wish to make. Second, we ask that they make sure that they understand the basics of both First Unitarian and Unitarian Universalism by attending an Inquirers Series (see description below).

Formally, the process of joining involves being at least 18 years old, signing the book of membership, and making a financial pledge. The membership will be accepted and registered at a meeting of the Board of Trustees. After that, in 30 days, the person has the right to vote at meetings of the congregation, as well as to hold elected office.

When you are ready to become a member, email members@orlandouu.org.


Curious about Unitarian Universalism? Want to know more about 1U specifically? You are invited to bring your coffee and snacks to “Getting to Know 1U,” held monthly in Classroom A. (Check the Weekly Update for upcoming dates.) Our Minister and the Membership Team folks will be available to share information about the congregation and answer any questions you have.


Inquirers Series is a rotation of eight conversations about our congregation and Unitarian Universalist history and practices. The series is designed for visitors and newcomers who are looking for a general introduction, and yet the sessions are also appealing to veteran members who want more information about our church. New church members and inquirers are encouraged to attend. It’s best if you can commit to attending all eight weekly sessions, but the class is designed for you to pick up classes you miss in future rounds of the series.

  • Membership 101
  • Unitarian Universalist History, Principles and Sources
  •  Q&A with Minister
  • Social Action & Community Service
  • Worship & Liturgical Year
  • Adult & Children’s Ministries and Faith Development
  • Pastoral Care, Caring Circle, and Covenant Groups
  •  Campus Tour