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Congregational Survey Results

Congregational Survey Results 

Analyzing survey data may not sound like the most spiritual of tasks, but for the members of the Search Committee, it was. Pouring over the results from the 1U Congregational Survey gave us a chance to sit with the thoughts, feelings, experiences, and perspectives of 1U members, staff, friends and visitors. Reflecting on the trends that emerged is helping us to better understand our story, and how our next settled minister fits into the next chapter in our journey. The survey will continue to inform our actions as we serve you, our beloved community.

You may read the survey results in the following ways: 


View Our Survey Results Presentation with Q&A from Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020

If you have questions or comments about the survey data, please contact 1U Search Committee member Elizabeth Horn at elizabethbhorn@gmail.com or 770-769-2442 (call or text).