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Campus Renovation


Our campus had a recent renovation in two phases:

  • Phase 1, the Enrichment Center
  • Phase 2, Gore Hall

Click here to see pictures of our campus during the renovation project.

Contingency and Fundraising

We are maintaining a list of items not currently in our budget but that we might be able to do if there are additional donations or if we are able to realize cost savings in the overall project. (Last updated August 17, 2017)

See Contingency & Fundraising List

Download printable Contingency and Fundraising List (pdf)


During renovation, on-campus parking was restricted on Sunday mornings AND any other time there were a lot of people on campus. During those times, the campus lot was reserved for Guests and people with Special Needs. Occasionally we have a full campus and parking is limited; during those times, please help by parking off campus.

There is plenty of off-campus parking available within a short walk. This map will help!

Here is a downloadable pdf version of the 1U Parking Map


Groundbreaking Ceremony

February 12, 2017, First Unitarian Church of Orlando held a joyful Groundbreaking Ceremony.

The ceremony took place on the 105th anniversary of the congregation’s founding. The congregation was originally served by Rev. Eleanor Gordon, a suffragette.  Their first building, Unity Chapel, sat on the shore of Lake Eola. The congregation moved to our current site in the late 1950s and started with the construction of the Assembly Room. The Sanctuary, the last major addition, was dedicated in the January 1995. You’ll find more information on our history here.

The Vote

Thanks to the February 5, 2017, unanimous congregational vote to accept the plans and financing package for the Campus Renovation as proposed by the Building the Dream Team, we are now moving ahead.

Here are links to the background meetings on which the vote was based:

Project Background

Over the past few years, First Unitarian has been working toward an upgrade of our 3+ acre campus. There have been many twists and turns on the journey, yet we continue to move forward. You can read the updates from Building the Dream Team in the Renovation Updates section (below on this page).

This is a robust renovation of two of our three buildings – Gore Hall and the Enrichment Center. These were the first buildings constructed when the congregation moved from their old site on the shores of Lake Eola in the late 1950s. We will not be adding new space at this time; rather, we will be reclaiming and re-purposing our existing space and unifying the campus as a whole.

The Building the Dream Team holds a monthly update session for all interested members and friends. These meetings typically take place on the third Sunday of each month at 12:30 pm. Watch for updates in future Weekly Updates, Orders of Service, announcements from the pulpit, and this webpage.

Your Building the Dream Team includes:

  • Christine (Haskins) Dance – Team Lead
  • Dan Homblette – Construction Lead
  • John Hartgering – Finance Lead
  • Marty Haynie – Campaign Chair
  • Tommy Harrison – Communication Lead

Contact us anytime … with questions, concerns, complements, or ideas at bldgcommunications@orlandouu.org


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