$110 per hour for all activities | 2 hour minimum.
All activity (i.e., set-up/decorating, pictures, event, breakdown) must occur within the rental times.

Information for Weddings:
Generally, we recommend a total of 4 Hours for a wedding and rehearsal, with 3 hours set-aside for the wedding (for set-up/decorating, ceremony, pictures and breakdown), and 1 hour set-aside for the rehearsal. For larger weddings, more time may be needed.

$100.00 maintenance/custodial fee
$100.00** refundable deposit, assuming no damage or use violations. This deposit also holds your date and time on the church calendar. NOTE that $30 of your deposit will be withheld if your event is cancelled.

$80.00 fee (or more) for use of audio system (microphones, playing of CDs). System operator is provided; commercially produced CDs must be supplied by Guest.

First Unitarian’s Music Director may be contacted directly if services are desired for any event (piano accompaniment). The Music Director’s fee is a separate cost, not listed here.

The above rates do not include the minister’s fee to officiate. Please note that the minister is generally not available for non-member events. We do have a minister emerita, who may be available and willing to officiate, as well as a ministerial intern. If you have your own officiant, please let us know that individual’s name, title and denomination.


  • The minister of First Unitarian Church of Orlando must review and approve all requests for use of the sanctuary.
  • A 15 minute grace period is allowed, before any additional time will be charged.
  • All events must terminate and clean-up be completed by/on 11:00pm.
  •  Rental over-runs will be charged at $150 per hour, beginning after 15 minutes grace period.
  • Guest use of the piano is not included in the sanctuary’s rental.
  • All group rentals must provide proof of liability insurance.
  • All decorations must be non-invasive (i.e., no nails, pins, staples, etc.). Please check with the church office to ensure that your specific decorations are permitted.
  • The use of candles must be pre-approved by the church office.
  •  Food and beverages (other than water) are not permitted in the sanctuary.