Our Sanctuary has a podium and sound system and a listed capacity of 345 people. All uses of the Sanctuary shall be approved by the Minister.


The rental fee amount for the use of the Sanctuary varies, depending on whether the event is a wedding/life passage or any other event. Furthermore, the amount also varies by whether the renter is a member of the church and whether the event is on a weekend or a weekday.

  • Non-member any use: $300 per hour weekends; $250 per hour weekdays.
  • Member wedding/life passage or church function: no charge, weekend or weekday.
  • Member—any other function: $250 per hour weekends; $200 per hour weekdays.
  • No charge for First Unitarian Church functions.
Required Additional Fees

Custodial fee: $115. Part of this fee includes room setup. You must submit a diagram at least two weeks before your event date.

Deposit: $115. This amount is refunded when there is no damage or use violations. This deposit also holds your date and time on the church calendar. A full refund, less a $30 administrative fee, will be given if the Church Administrator is notified 30 days prior to the event.

Host: $15 per hour with two-hour minimum. The 15 minutes before and after the event will be charged at this rate.

Optional Additional Fees

Audio/Visual Tech: $90 to $180 fee (depending on the length of rental) for use of the audio system (microphones, playing of CDs). System operator is provided; commercially produced CDs must be supplied by renter.

Use of the Piano: $60.

Other Expenses and Arrangements

Minister/Officiant: Please note that the minister is generally not available for non-member events. We do have a minister emerita, who may be available and willing to officiate. If you have your own officiant, please let us know that individual’s name, title, and denomination.

Musician: First Unitarian’s Music Director may be contacted directly if services are desired for any event (piano accompaniment). The Music Director’s fee is a separate cost, not listed here.

Wedding Time Estimations

Generally, we recommend a total of four hours for a wedding and rehearsal:

  • Three hours for the wedding (for setup/decorating, ceremony, pictures, and breakdown)
  • One hour for the rehearsal. For larger weddings, more time may be needed.
  • Member pricing is for those who are active members of First Unitarian Church of Orlando.
  • There is a two-hour minimum for rentals.
  • All activity (i.e., set-up/decorating, pictures, event, breakdown, cleanup) must occur within the rental time.
  • Weekend pricing starts Fridays at 5:00 pm and includes Saturdays and Sundays. Any event that starts earlier than 5:00 pm Friday and continues into the evening is charged at weekend rates.
  • The minister of First Unitarian Church of Orlando must review and approve all requests for use of the Sanctuary.
  • All events must terminate with cleanup completed by 11:00 pm.
  •  A 15-minute grace period is allowed before any additional time will be charged.
  • All group rentals must provide proof of liability insurance.
  • All decorations must be non-invasive (i.e., no nails, pins, staples). Please check with the church office to ensure that your specific decorations are permitted.
  • The use of candles must be pre-approved by the church office.
  •  Food and beverages (other than water) are not permitted in the Sanctuary.
  • WiFi is available, but request for access must be made in advance.