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An endowment is like a tree…
One generation plants it so that the next one can enjoy the shade

The key is to make your wishes known – while you can.

What is it?

Founded in 1968, the First Unitarian Church of Orlando Endowment Fund, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation. Its mission is “to receive and manage financial gifts in order to generate and give, in perpetuity, funds to support and sustain the First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U).” In this fiscal year, the Endowment made grants totaling $43,000 to 1U.


All 1U members in good standing are also members of the Endowment. Six of those members are elected to three-year terms as Endowment Board trustees and are responsible for the corporation’s governance and operation. 

  • Mike Haddad – President (term ends 2022)
  • Michael Cohen – Vice President (term ends 2024)
  • Julia Chinnock – Treasurer (term ends 2023)
  • Louise Christie – Secretary (term ends 2022)
  • Ken Lofgren– Trustee (term ends 2023)
  • Joanne Wojtyto – Trustee (term ends 2024)

Investing and Spending

Endowment funds are invested in low-cost, diversified index mutual funds, including one focused on social responsibility. The Endowment also holds a $300,000 loan made to 1U for the Building the Dream campus renovation. The Endowment Board strives for a return that maintains the purchasing power of the donated funds and provides a reasonably stable annual payout (“pledge”) to the church of 4-5%. The church decides how to use the money.

How to Give

If you are considering a donation or a bequest to the Endowment, the trustees can help you. Speak with them or email us at endowment@orlandouu.org. Here is sample language to bring to your financial advisor.

  • I give to the First Unitarian Church of Orlando Endowment Fund, Inc. $___ (or ___ %) of my estate.
  • I designate that upon my death (or the death of my spouse), $___ (or ___ %) of my IRA account be distributed to the First Unitarian Church of Orlando Endowment Fund, Inc.
  • I hereby name the First Unitarian Church of Orlando Endowment Fund, Inc. as the beneficiary of my (name of insurance company) Policy #____ with a face value of $___). I designate that upon my death the proceeds will be distributed to the First Unitarian Church of Orlando Endowment Fund, Inc.

Remembering our donors

Contributions at any level, made now or by bequest, are welcome. Several large bequests include:

  • $221,000 from Elizabeth Carey Greer (2001)
  • $156,904 from Edith Duerr (2003)
  • $30,000 from Frank Bondurant (2011).

In 2018, the Endowment Board successfully served as 1U’s advocate for the UUA’s Wake Now Our Vision Legacy Challenge program, generating new bequests to both1U and the Endowment valued at $713,000 and qualifying 1U for an immediate $57,300 incentive grant.


Caroline Gore

Caroline Gore, Founder

The Caroline Gore Legacy Society

The Caroline Gore Legacy Society was created in 2014 to recognize and honor donors who make a major contribution to the Endowment Fund, and to encourage others to follow their example.  Membership is conferred when:

  1. You give $2,500 to the Endowment, or
  2. You notify the Endowment Board that you have made provisions for a bequest , or
  3. Your estate donates to the Endowment.

Charter Members

(Charter members are all persons, living or dead, who qualified for membership prior to the Endowment’s 2016 Annual Meeting.)

  • Rapp Estate 1972
  • John Masek 1973
  • Prouty Estate 1973
  • Starke Estate 1974
  • Fiegus Estate 1980
  • Elizabeth Cary Greer Estate 2001
  • Edith Duerr Estate 2003
  • Frank Bondurant Estate 2011
  • Joan Erwin
  • Marty & Mike Haddad*
  • Sandy Pollock
  • Irma Scudder Estate 2021
  • Steph Garber & David Collins
  • Diane P. Kerkhoff and Beverly G. McCormick
  • Phyllis and Karen Ramberg
  • Libby Jackson


  • Ross Payne & Donna Kosloski Payne
  • Cynthia & Michael Cohen*
  • Carolina & Ken Lofgren*
  • Julia Chinnock and Richard Champalbert*
  • Rev. Marni Harmony
  • Catherine Rigby and Paul Burdette

*Indicates Wake Now Our Vision Program Donors

We are inspired by their commitment to assuring the future of liberal religion in Central Florida. We thank all Endowment donors for “paying it forward.”

For more information, speak with any trustee or email Endowment@OrlandoUU.org