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The Nora Staton* Bookstore is a place where you can buy books published by Beacon Press and Skinner House, which are publishing arms of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Topics include Unitarian Universalism, Social Justice, Children, Meditation, Life Passages, and World Religions, as well as many more.

The bookstore is open only four times a year (roughly once each season) before and after church services in the Gore Hall Foyer. Be on the lookout for the next time we’re open; it will be listed in the Weekly Update (aka the eblast).

Cash and checks are accepted for payment; sorry, but we can’t accept credit cards. 

If you can’t wait until the next time the Nora Staton Bookstore is open, check out the online In Spirit UU Book and Gift Shop, where there’s a more extensive selection of Beacon Press and Skinner House books. You can charge your purchases there; keep in mind that you will have to pay shipping and sales tax on orders from them.

If you have questions, contact bookstore@orlandouu.org.


*Nora Staton was a longterm member of our church. Her parents were among the original founding members of our church, which was started in 1912, when Nora was about 9 years old. She died in 1992.