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Prepare Audio Visual Items


AV Needs? Here’s the Process to Get Them Met

If you need A/V Team support for an event at First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U), please submit the request two weeks in advance of the requested service date to the A/V Team at audioteam@orlandouu.org. In order for the 1U A/V Team to be fully prepared to provide the best support for your needs, requests should include some very specific information and materials:

Slide Presentations

Please provide your presentation in Microsoft Office PowerPoint .ppt format on a USB thumb drive formatted for MS-Dos (PC compliant). If using Keynote, please export to .ppt format.

Video Presentations

Please provide, on compatible media (preferred is a USB drive formatted for MS DOS; DVD is okay); non-DVD video file formats .mp4, .avi. and or Quicktime format. Please deliver 1 hour or more prior to the service to verify compatibility and playability of the video presentation. Please include instructions/cues on the time that the video is to be played during the service/event.

Pre-Recorded Sound/Music

Please provide .wav, .mp3, or Audio CD along with any instructions/cues necessary so we can play your audio at the appropriate time during the event.

Live Music/Audio Performance

Please provide number of instruments/voices requiring microphones and/or Direct Connect to the Sanctuary sound system. Please be available 1 hour before the event/service for setup and sound check. If multiple groups are performing, please be prepared to give concentrated attention to sound check and be thoughtful of all performers’ time needs to complete sound checks.

Guest Speakers/Multiple Speakers

Please indicate choice of the following: handheld wireless microphone, podium microphone, or wired microphone on a stand. Please be available 1 hour before the service/event to test and fine-tune the microphone to your voice.