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There is Always Room for More Justice                                        Justice@orlandouu.org

Guided by our Unitarian Universalist principles, First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U) supports and promotes the rights of all people.

In this spirit, the Justice Council encourages, facilitates, and promotes Justice initiatives at 1U..  Teams can be focused on a single event, such as the Pride Parade; be educational, like Wrestling with Our Understanding of Racism; or promote activism, such as the new Green Team.  The Justice Council invites Members and Friends to find out more and join in.

Several teams are in the process of forming:  

Join the 1U Justice Google Group for updates about local initiatives. Send your name and email to Join Listserv Here

Members and friends can connect directly to Unitarian Universalist Association initiatives (advocacy and education) and support groups here. 

Meanwhile if you want information about the current teams in development, forming a team, adding a Community Service opportunity or have general questions email  Justice@OrlandoUU.org