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21 Nov

A Prayer of Gratitude

Sermon by Rev. Kathy Schmitz, delivered on November 19, 2017. We prepare for Thanksgiving with a prayer of gratitude and hope […]

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12 Nov

Mindfulness: Actively Noticing the New

Sermon by the 1U Retired Unitarian Universalist Mens’ Group (RUUM), delivered on November 12, 2017. RUUM addresses the art and science […]

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05 Nov

Continuing the Dream

Sermon by Christine Dance and the Building the Dream Team, delivered on November 5, 2017. As the renovation completes and we […]

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29 Oct

Coming Home

Sermon by Rev. Kierstin Homblette Allen delivered on October 29, 2017. Raised at 1U, Rev. Kierstin returns to lead the Beloved Conversation […]

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22 Oct

Becoming Vulnerable

Sermon by Rev. Kathy Schmitz, delivered on October 22, 2017. Fear causes us to build walls. Yet we are called by […]

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