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03 Mar

Instinct and Music

Sermon by 1U Music Director Aubrey Connelly-Candelario All human cultures seem to make music. But why they do so, and […]

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24 Feb

Generational Reflections: Honoring Our Nonagenarians and Octogenarians

Sermon by Rev. Dr. Janet Newman on February 24, 2019 Out of the great deal of wisdom accrued through their lives, […]

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17 Feb

Revolutionary Love

Sermon by Rev. Kierstin Homblette-Allen on February 17, 2019 There is much focus at this time of year on the love […]

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10 Feb

Love thru the Ages and Stages

Sermon by Rev. Dr. Janet Newman on February 10, 2019 In February Valentine’s Day reminds us of romantic love. I’d like […]

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03 Feb

Grounding Principles

Sermon by Rev. Dr. Janet Newman on February 3, 2019 Ministry is on the minds of many folks at 1U.  The […]

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