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15 Sep

All Will Be Made Alive

Sermon delivered September 15, 2019 by Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister We’ll explore early Universalism’s roots and how it informs […]

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18 Aug

Taking a Breath

Sermon delivered August 18, 2019 by Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister We are human beings, not doings. Breath is the […]

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11 Aug

At Home in the Wilderness

Sermon delivered August 11, 2019 by Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister Fierce desert and wilderness landscapes can be places of […]

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04 Aug

Janus: A Dialogue on Endings and Beginnings

Sermon delivered August 04, 2019 by 1U Transitional Minister Rev. Sam Schaal and Bridging Minister Rev. Dr. Janet Newman. Using the […]

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28 Jul

Let It Be A Dance

Sermon delivered July 28, 2019 by Worship Associate Linnea Nelson Linnea will explore spiritual practice for Unitarian Universalists of all […]

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