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Table for 1U in the Community


Following these guidelines can help you have a productive and fun experience representing First Unitarian Church of Orlando (1U) with a booth/table at a community event.

Approval: Once you have a idea about an event you would like to participate in, clear that plan for the event with the minister. After that, promptly fill out any forms needed to participate in the event. If a check is needed, submit the appropriate request form to the minister so that it can be processed in time to avoid late application fees.

Point Person: You will need to identify a single point person (Table Captain?) for the effort. This person is the main contact interfacing with the both the main event and the congregation. While they do not have to do everything, they do need to make sure everything is taken care of. (This may or may not be the person that the average person would contact for questions.)

Calendar: Add your event to the 1U Calendar as an offsite event. Please see the Calendar procedures here.

Event Tent: If you will be using the tent, include that in the description on the calendar, for this reserves the use of 1U’s tent. You will also need to contact the Church Administrator for details about when to pick it up and later drop it off.

Budget: Will there be a budget or cost for the event? This could include rental space as well as any costs for supplies. If so, it needs to be approved by the minister.

Staffing: Who will need to be at the event? It is advisable to have at least two people during every shift. One- to two-hour shifts have proven to be effective. Be sure to recruit set-up and clean-up people. Make sure your volunteers are prepared to talk about 1U and issues related to the event.


Think about what supplies and materials you will need for the event. Here are some possibilities to consider:

Table: Some venues provide tables and chairs, check to see if yours does. If not, a small table is available with the use of the tent. Consider taking lawn chairs;  if you need to take 1U’s chairs, please contact the Church Administrator.

Literature: Make sure to have some generic Unitarian Universalist and 1U materials as well as materials suitable for the target audience. This could include petitions or cards to fill out or hand fans (which need to be ordered in advance).

Banners: Both 1U and Standing on the Side of Love banners are available. Signs should be placed high enough to be seen above a crowd. These are normally attached using bungee cords, which can be found in the tenting tool kit that comes with the tent.

Games: Consider activities to draw people to the tent. There is currently a bean bag toss game in the tenting kit. You will need to purchase small prizes to award winners.

Additional supplies: Other supplies that could be beneficial to your event include: water, pens, weights to hold down literature, fans, table cloth, tape, and/or First Aid kit.