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Love Means Standing Up and Reaching Out

30 Apr

Love Means Standing Up and Reaching Out

A sermon delivered by Rev. Brock H. Leach on April 30, 2017. (Click the headphones to the left to listen.)

To sign the Declaration of Conscience shared as the reading go to Love Resists.

This moment calls us to live out our values like never before.  Of course there is plenty that must be resisted, and we can feel proud that we are doing our part to Stand on the Side of Love. But Unitarian Universalists and our liberal religious compatriots have another especially important gift to bring to this moment. It’s our fundamental faith in all people—in their inherent ability, given the opportunity, to make a better future for themselves through their individual creativity,  their leadership and their work together.  History tells us that social change always originates at the grassroots; now is the time to reach out and water them.

Rev. Brock Leach is a Unitarian Universalist minister working to advance social justice and social entrepreneurship. He currently serves as an executive consultant to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) for its Multifaith Futures initiative and has helped develop and lead its Entrepreneurial Ministry program in partnership with the UU Ministers Association. Prior to that he was vice-president of mission, strategy and innovation for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee where he helped create and launch the UU College of Social Justice and Commit2Respond, a denomination-wide campaign for Climate Justice.