Home Update from the Team – April 20, 2016

Update from the Team – April 20, 2016

Update from the Team – April 20, 2016

Beloved Congregation Members—

Last week, on April 13th, the BTD team sent out an email sharing that we had learned during our interviews with contractors that our budget supported campus renovation but could not support renovation and a new building.  This was followed up with a meeting this past Sunday, April 17th.  This meeting was well attended – thank you to those that were able to attend.

A full range of thoughts were shared during this past Sunday’s meeting.  Members of the congregation were honest in expressing their support, their concerns, and their disappointments.  This project has taken us through unfamiliar territory on many levels – there have been moments of elation along with major setbacks coupled with difficult decisions.  This past Sunday’s meeting allowed people to share these thoughts and continue processing.  For those that were able to make this meeting and expressed themselves, we want you to know we are grateful for your feedback.

The BTD team has worked hard on this project over the past two years and we have had to work through tough realities and emotions as we have gone through this process—we are aware that the whole congregation needs to go through the journey of processing these emotions as well.  Sunday’s meeting exposed the emotions of some members of the congregation.  We believe it would be beneficial to have more conversation so we can make sure that every voice is heard and we’re fully aware of where the congregation is, so we have scheduled two more meetings– this Sunday, April 24th, @ 12:30 in the Library and Sunday, May 1st, @ 9:30 in Room 18.  We hope you can join us for one or both of these meetings.

The state of our campus renovation initiative will be a key topic of the Congregational Meeting scheduled for May 15th.  We will be giving a full update of where we are and our recommended steps to move forward.  We will be asking the congregation to vote to affirm those plans to ensure that we are all in sync with the Congregation.  Results of this vote will be crucial – Congregation confidence in the campus renovation project is paramount for it to move forward.  A vote of confidence allows us to continue working towards our vision of unifying our campus, creating a presence on Robinson, reaching out to the community and enhancing our children’s program.  Without a vote of affirmation, a project pause will be in order.

We know that recent changes to this project have been hard.  We are grateful for the feedback we received this past Sunday – hearing from you and working together is the only way we can work through a journey of this nature when dealing with the challenges we have faced.  We hope can join us for one (or both) of the upcoming meetings.  Feel free to drop us an email @bldgcommunications@orlandouu.org as well.

Thank you,

Christine Haskins
Marty Haynie
John Hartgering
Dan Homblette
Tommy Harrison