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Weekly Update 09/04/14

Weekly Update 09/04/14

Weekly Update-September 4, 2014


To include information in the next Weekly Update, send an email with your brief announcement (in Arial 9 pt font if possible) to EBlastManager@OrlandoUU.org no later than Tuesday, 5:00pm. Please remember to include both the start time and location for events. Check the 1U website calendar for information on all our events! Please read the “Plan Ahead” section below for upcoming events as registration or RSVP deadlines may require immediate action if you plan to attend.

Temporary Alternate 1U Web Site:  http://1uweb.wordpress.com

1U Phone System Update

The church telephone lines have been repaired. Unfortunately, our internal phone system did not survive the recent lightning surges. We now a simple interim telephone system in place while we research other options. The church office can receive calls at (407) 898-3621, but voicemail messages will be left in a common staff mailbox (no extensions). So, if your message is of a personal/sensitive nature, please feel free to contact individual staff members via email: (Minister@OrlandoUU.org, Churchadministrator@OrlandoUU.org, Musicdirector@OrlandoUU.org, RECoordinator@OrlandoUU.org ). Note that if multiple calls are received simultaneously, callers will receive a busy signal. Thank you for your continued patience!


Crafty Crafters’ Circle – 6:30pm, Room 9

Church members and friends gather to talk, sew, weave, craft, share, philosophize and just generally enjoy the heck out of everyone’s company until 8:30pm. All are welcome! BYO crafts, games, and conversation.


1U Community Gardener Gathering & Breakfast Potluck – 9:00am, EC Assembly Room

There will also be a brief presentation about ‘pests of interest’ that your US Department of Agriculture is on the lookout for. This event, which runs until 10:30, is open to all those interested in gardening, agriculture and insects. For more info or to RSVP please contact Bekah Keyes (Volunteers@OrlandoUU.org, and please write “Garden gathering” in the subject/reference field).


Service – 11:00am, Sanctuary     Summer Schedule Ends Today

Intergenerational Ingathering & Water Communion, Rev. Kathy Schmitz

We celebrate coming together in community after a summer with many travels and adventures. This is our last single service and everyone is encouraged to bring a bit of water representative of their summer to add to our communal bowl.

Please note that although our service typically runs about an hour, due to the participatory nature of this service it tends to run about an hour and a quarter. Both the Chalice Choir and Welkin will perform.

Pot Luck Lunch – 12:15pm, Gore Hall

We will top off our Water Communion with a Pot Luck Lunch after the service, until 1:00pm. Bring a dish to share any dish as we begin a new year in the life of 1U! If you are able, please consider bringing a little extra, so that we can include guests who may not have known to bring a dish.

Children’s Religious Education (CRE)

Our Regular Program Year Children’s RE begins September 14 during second service.

If you have not yet registered your child(ren) for RE, look for the rainbow packet available in Gore Hall after service.  Access downloadable versions of the forms.

CRE for today:

  • 9:15am – 12:15pm Nursery (EC Room 5)
  • 9:30am – 10:30am Childcare during Adult RE (EC Assembly Room)
  • 11:00am-11:15am Child begins in Worship
  • 11:15am – 12:15pm Childcare during Worship (EC Assembly Room)

Adult Religious Education (Sessions are drop-in friendly)

  • 9:30am in the Library: Meditation. A session in the Vipassana tradition. Led by Bob Leger.
  • 9:30am in the EC Room 18: Movie Time. See “A Most Wanted Man” ahead of time and come ready to discuss. Led by Kathleen Smee.

Looking ahead in Sunday Morning Adult Education:

Our new line up is in place. Read all about it!



The Alliance – 10:30am, Gore Hall

The Alliance will be working on the continuing bazaar and enjoying a pot-luck lunch.  Come join us until 1:30. Also, the Alliance is looking for volunteers who would like to help staff the bazaar on Sundays after services during coffee hour. The job is easy, once a month, and you meet the greatest people! Volunteers can work 10:15-11:00, 12:00-1:30, or do both on one Sunday, going to the 11:00 service. We raise $13,000 a year, and all of it goes to local charities whose missions are in line with that of 1U. If you would be willing to be part of this social justice outreach of the church, contact Jean Cawelti or email her at alliance@orlandouu.org.

Yoga Class – 6:00pm, Gore Hall

Come be a part of a wonderful journey as we share one breath, one body, one mind at 1U. Class is open to all.

Band Practice – 7:00pm, Sanctuary

Welkin practice.


Choir Practice – 7:00pm, Sanctuary

The Chalice Choir rehearses until 8:30pm under the direction of Aubrey Connelly.


Meditation Group – 7:00pm, Gore Hall

An open, ongoing meditation group offered free of charge each week. All are welcome, no registration required.

Other News

 Four-Sessions Grief Group

Rev. Kathy will lead this short series for those seeking a supportive environment to process experiences of grief. Sessions will run until 7:00  – 8:30pm every other Tuesday beginning September 23. Additional dates are Oct. 7, Oct. 21 and Nov. 4. Please let Rev. Kathy know you will attend. A daytime series is being considered. Please contact Rev. Kathy (minister@orlandouu.org) if you are interested in a daytime group.

Pumpkin Festival Is Coming!  

Plan ahead and reserve Sunday, October 12. We’ll be serving a breakfast in Gore Hall, and offering baked items for sale.

New Buildings! Capital Campaign! Information Incoming! GET READY!

Plans for our new buildings, information about the Capital Campaign and all the details you can think of for our building endeavor will be coming to you in just a few weeks. Look for the information table in Gore Hall for updates and then we’ll have lots of new data starting September 21. This is a very exciting time for 1U!

Share the Plate 2014-15, and Monthly Update

Thanks to everyone who suggested organizations for 1U to sponsor and to all who voted during the Opportunity Fiesta. As part of your 1U social justice program, the selected organizations include Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, Orlando Youth Alliance, Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Shepherd’s Hope. In addition, Rev. Kathy will add Zebra House for Christmas Eve and the Children’s RE will support New Image Youth Center at their May service. For more details on the selected organizations, please visit our temporary alternate 1U website at http://1uweb.wordpress.com/. Click on Serve to check out the information on each one and see the schedule. Look for more data in future Weekly and Weekend Updates.

Our first opportunity to Share-the-Plate this church year will be September 28, when our partner will be Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando (PPGO). PPGO is celebrating twenty years of providing reproductive health services to the Central Florida community.

OWL (Our Whole Lives) Registration

Who will provide your kids with a comprehensive overview of human sexuality? OWL is the age-appropriate compliment to any parents’ efforts. This secular curriculum is based firmly on the values of respect, responsibility, justice and inclusivity. The 25-session course for youth ages 12 and 13 will be led by trained OWL teachers, and will meet from 11:00am to 12:30pm in Room 18 of the 1U Enrichment Center, beginning Oct. 5. In order to enroll their children, parents must attend an in-depth orientation on the OWL course on September 20 from 9:30am-noon in the EC Assembly Room. Child care is available but the need for it must be communicated at least one week prior to Regina Knabe. For more OWL information, your resources are:

  • OWLCoordinator@OrlandoUU.org- Carie Mendyk
  • RECoordinator@OrlandoUU.org – Regina Knabe
  • org/re/OWL– additional information

1U will offer the 8-week Lower Elementary OWL course in Feb. 2015. Stay tuned for more information.

What feeds your soul?

Connecting with others? Helping develop a child’s self-concept? Leading our youth and presenting our UU principles? You’re in the right place! Children’s Religious Education seeks to connect YOU to a positive and rewarding experience as a RE teacher. Kids range in age from preschool through high school. You will serve on a teaching team with others passionate about our youth and lead once or twice per month. If leading isn’t your cup of tea, volunteer to assist a teacher. No experience necessary. Contact Regina Knabe at RECoordinator@OrlandoUU.org and be an inspiration to a child this year.

Continuing Food Drive

We continue the food drive for Catholic Charities Semoran Food Pantry. Please continue to bring items in and place them in the box in Gore Hall. Thanks for sharing with those in need.

Get the Scoop! Join Justice GoogleGroup

What are 1U’s and UUU’s directing their social justice energies toward?  If you want to know quickly–or want to share easily about Justice events in central Florida and beyond, join 1U Justice googlegroup. Email your request to join, including the name and e-mail address you want used.

Pastoral Care Associates

Pastoral Care Associates are fellow 1U members who have been especially trained to provide a confidential, caring presence to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges.Through this minister-extending program, members can receive compassionate care when they are in pain, sick, lonely or struggling with changes. It can be comforting to know you’re not alone and it helps to have someone from 1U’s faith community listen, care, and offer support. If you are in need, contact our Pastoral Care Associates Coordinator Harriett Smithson.

The Best Way To Know What Is Going On Around 1U – This Weekly Update.

The Weekly Update is posted to the 1U website by Thursday of each week. An email reminder is then sent to the members and visitors who have provided their email addresses. If you are not receiving the weekly email reminder, please contact ChurchAdministrator@orlandouu.org. A reminder is also posted to the 1U facebook page.

Missed a Sunday?

Audio recordings for most Sunday sermons are online here. Just click and listen.

Plan Ahead

September 14 – Back to the Future and Our Regular Program Year

As of this Sunday, we return to our regular Program Year schedule with Worship and Adult Religious Education offered at both 9:30 and 11:00am. Childcare is available at 9:30 and Children Religious Education meets at 11:15am. Nursery care is available all morning

September 14 Meet and Greet With Rev Kathy Schmitz, 12:15pm, Hiett Library in Gore Hall

Are you a newcomer to our church? Would you like to meet Rev Kathy, learn more about Unitarian Universalism, and get answers to any questions you may have? If so, the Membership Team invites you to attend this one-hour Meet and Greet.

September 20 – OWL Enrollment Session for Parents, 9:30am, EC Assembly Room

In order to enroll their children, parents must attend an in-depth orientation on the Our Whole Lives (OWL) course until 12 noon. Child care is available but must be communicated at least one week prior to Regina Knabe at RECoordinator@OrlandoUU.org.

September 23 – Grief Group, 7:00pm, EC 18/Community Room

Rev. Kathy leads this four-week series for those seeking a supportive environment to process experiences of grief. Sessions will run until 8:30pm every other Tuesday beginning September 23. Additional dates are Oct. 7, Oct. 21 and Nov. 4. Please let Rev. Kathy know you will attend. A daytime series is being considered. Please contact Rev. Kathy (minister@orlandouu.org) if you are interested in a daytime group.

September 26 & 27: Journey to Membership Workshop, Hiett Library

Would you like to become a 1U member? If so, please register by email at Members@orlandouu.org to reserve a space in the two-session Journey to Membership Workshop (7:00-9:00pm on Friday 9/26 and 9:00am-noon on Saturday 9/27). In the workshop Reverend Kathy will tell participants about the history, philosophy, and practices of Unitarian Universalism, and church leaders will share information about our congregation. Those who complete the workshop will be invited to meet church leaders at a New Member Potluck on Friday, October 24, and will be welcomed into the congregation at a ceremony during the worship service on Sunday, October 26.

October 4 – Second Harvest Food Packing/Sorting, 1:00pm, 411 Mercy Drive

Join us for a fulfilling, rewarding and fun Saturday afternoon! Located at 411 MERCY, on the corner of Mercy Dr. and Old Winter Garden Rd., this worthy organization is hugely busy and IN NEED OF EVERY VOLUNTEER POSSIBLE! As always, be sure to wear closed toed shoes. We are required to register ahead of time, and are expected to have 15 volunteers each time. (We can bring MORE if we are so fortunate.) They count on us for the workload they are now carrying. Please GO TO THE SITE AND SIGN UP FOR October 4 from 1pm-4pm. Be sure to register if you have not done so in the past, so you have a user name and password. When you sign up for the date and shift you’ll need our JOIN CODE, which is A100. This will connect you with the First Unitarian USER GROUP. If you have any questions, contact Stephanie Garber.

October 11 – Campus Tenders’ Volunteer Work Day, 9:00am, 1U Parking Lot

Join us as we tend to and beautify the church campus. Volunteer workdays are now quarterly instead of monthly, and help is always needed to maintain our buildings and grounds. If you can volunteer, email buildingsandgrounds@orlandouu.org.

October 12 – 1U Pumpkin Festival!  

Plan ahead and reserve the date. We’ll be serving a pumpkin breakfast in Gore Hall, and offering baked pumpkin items for sale. Yumkin!

October 17 & 18 – Annual All-Church Rummage Sale, Gore Hall

Each October 1U has a rummage sale fundraiser for the church. It’s also one of the ways we live our UU Principles. How?  By recycling & re-using! This reduces the amount of “junque” sent to the dump.

You can participate by donating items. We accept new and slightly used items – clothing, small appliances, jewelry, books, luggage, kitchen items, children’s toys, small furniture, art, etc., etc. – that are in reasonably good shape, clean, and have all their parts. You can drop them off on Sundays (see Eva Brinson at the Alliance table in Gore Hall during the 12:00 Social Hour) or drop them off during the week from 8 – 2pm (call the church office first to make sure that Amy is there to accept your items). Unfortunately, there are some items we can’t accept (large furniture, large appliances, computers and printers).

We also need your help to host the sale; we need volunteers to:

  • set-up the sale – unpacking items, sorting and pricing on Thursday, October 16 from 8am – 4pm
  • help shoppers during the sale – cashiers, packers, general helpers on Friday and Saturday, October 17 & 18
  • help packing up all leftover items after the sale – on Saturday, October 18 from 3 – 3:45pm.

This is a short term commitment – a few hours or more will do!  Questions?  Interested in volunteering?  Contact Amy (churchadministrator@OrlandoUU.org or 407-898-3621).

October 19 – Blood Drive, 8:30am, 1U Parking Lot

See you at the First U Blood drive until 1:00pm on the Big Red Bus.  Please come if you are able as all blood types are needed and each pints saves multiple lives.

November 7- 8 – 1U Camp Out! Save the Date!

Campers! Save the Date: We have reserved a group tent camping site at Moss Park in Orange County ($3 per person per night). We will be in group campsite B and have room for 30 – 35 campers of all ages. If you have a camper you can reserve a site for yourself close by–just Google “Moss Park camping” for more information. For details, to reserve your spot, or if you have suggestions, please contact dinnerwithfriends@orlandouu.org or talk with Alan Oberholtzer. See this Weekly Update and the Weekend Update in Sunday’s Order of Service for details in coming weeks.

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