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Weekly Update, May 7

Weekly Update, May 7

We are gathering online only during the stay-at-home order.

In-person events scheduled in May and later months may be canceled or postponed. Please stay tuned.

1U This Sunday, May 10

Worship — 10:30 am, Online via Zoom and Facebook Live

“Mothers of Change;” Rev. Kierstin Homblette Allen with Elizabeth Horn and Aubrey Connelly-Candelario

Our world is in a moment of disruptive change. How might this be an opportunity for us to mother/caretake/birth a new way of living together? This great disruption presents a possibility to create a more just, free and loving world.

Service streamed at 10:30 am: Click here for the Facebook page of First Unitarian Church of Orlando or Click here for ZoomVideo will remain posted on https://www.orlandouu.org

Before Worship:

Q & A Session on 2020-2021 Budget — 9:30 am with this Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6559830058. You need the password sent in the email e-blast on Friday.

At the May 17 Congregational Meeting, the congregation will approve the budget for fiscal year 2021, which begins July 1. The budget is available on the church website as part of the 2020 May Annual Congregational Meeting Packet. This final Q&A sessions provides members with information about how the budget was constructed, assumptions made during the process, and reasons behind some of the decisions made.

Movie Talk: Trolls World Tour — 9:30 am, Online via Zoom

Movie Talk is a monthly discussion group that allows us to examine our principles through shared cultural events–in this case, movies. On Sunday, May 10 (Mother’s Day), join the Zoom movie discussion on Trolls World Tour. Our 7th UU Principle reminds us to respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Poppy, a magenta-haired troll, says it succinctly :  “You can’t harmonize alone.” Trolls World Tour is streaming “everywhere.” Watch it at home and join the discussion from your home. The Zoom Room information will be shared closer to the May 10 Movie Talk date.

After Worship

Informal Fellowship — 11:30 am, Zoom

Link is: https://uuma.zoom.us/j/92261786137. You need the password sent in the email e-blast on Friday.

Children & Youth Religious Education (On break until June)

The 2019-2020 RE program year concluded May 3; RE will be taking a programming break until June. In the meantime, all the previous weeks of Virtual RE will be made available here and on the !U website. We will continue to meet on Zoom once a week: on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm) for an all-ages Family Connection and Support Group. Zoom information can be found here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/642808627

Your Care Team

Your Care Team stands ready to help you and to stay connected during these times. We are composed of two teams:

Lay Pastoral Associates provide “buddy” relationships of deep listening and care, to be a companion with you through difficult times. Contact PastoralAssociates@OrlandoUU.org.

The Caring Circle offers practical efforts to church members experiencing significant joys, concerns, sorrows, or changes by providing rides to medical appointments, and/or help with meals, pet care, etc. In May contact Jenny Lockington at CaringCircle@OrlandoUU.org.

Joys and Concerns

To share your joys or concerns please contact Gaby Cabrera at programassistant1U@gmail.com

Our deep condolences go to former member Jane Gross whose husband, Ron, died April 30 after a recent diagnosis of cancer. Jane and Ron’s 51st would have been May 2. Jane resides in Kentucky where they moved in 2013.

Elizabeth Horn shares that her family is celebrating the successful cancer treatment for her stepfather, Sam Walters.

The Caring Circle wants to know of any other high school and college graduations in your families, so please continue to give them advance notice when your young adults are graduating high school or college.

In these difficult days, we continue to remember all those who are helping others, and those who need help.

Coming Now Through Next Week

Friday – May 8

Saturday – May 9

Wednesday – May 13

Family Connection & Support Group — 5:00 pm, Online via Zoom

Parents, kids and youth welcome. We have been exploring our interconnected web with the laughter of  youth, children and parents. Join us for a virtual virtual color scavenger hunt. How does this work?  If Sarah says “yellow” we will all rush about our homes to find something yellow!

Online Drop-In Covenant Group — 7:00-8:30 pm, via Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/5812270111

Are you needing extra support or connection, or an opportunity to explore spiritual thoughts? Join this special Zoom Drop-In Covenant group. You do not need to be currently in a covenant group. Anyone is welcome to join us.

Thursday – May 14

Virtual Bonfire Party — 7:00 pm, Online via Zoom

Gather around the “virtual bonfire” with your device to share your stories, readings, songs, and more! This is pop-up event is almost like a “bardic circle lite.” Email mysticgrove@orlandouu.org to register, no later than 24 hours in advance for Zoom connection details to be sent to you on the day. Your performance slot is 5-7 min long and you may perform or you can request a performance from someone else in the circle with the understanding that they might decline.

Other News

Upcoming Sunday Services

May Worship Theme:  What does it mean to be a people of THRESHOLDS?

May 17 – On the Threshold of a New Congregation, Rev. Samuel Schaal, Sarah Gray, Aubrey Connelly-Candelario

On this day of the annual meeting, we are on the threshold of this historic congregation moving into its future. Becoming a new congregation isn’t becoming different—it’s moving toward a deeper way of being church in a new generation. The Congregational Annual Meeting follows at 11:30 am.

May 24 – On the Threshold of a New Faith, Rev. Samuel Schaal, Sarah Gray, Aubrey Connelly-Candelario

Sixty years ago this month, representatives of historic Unitarianism and Universalism met separately and simultaneously to decide an important question: Should the two traditions consolidate? They overwhelmingly said yes and a new, yet continuing, tradition was born. Their affirmation continues to birth new visions for this age.

May 31 On the Threshold of a New Self, Rev. Samuel Schaal, Sarah Gray, Aubrey Connelly-Candelario

Becoming a Unitarian Universalist is not just about finding a new faith. It can also be about finding a new self.

Come Pick Free Veggies in the 1U Garden

Want free vegetables? Veggies grown on the 1U campus by church members and friends? Veggies grown without chemicals? Grab a bag and a knife and make yourself welcome in the 1U Garden. It’s on the west edge of the church campus. These veggies are ready to pick now in our raised beds: pole beans, yellow squash, yellow peppers, radishes, leaf lettuce and other salad greens. Suzanne Oberholtzer painted numbers on the beds to make finding things easier. (Look for a bright blue box on the front of each bed.) The pole beans that are ready are in bed No. 4 and on a teepee way in the back of the perma-garden near the papaya tree. The squash and radishes are in bed No. 7; the leaf lettuce and salad greens are in beds Nos. 3, 7 and 8. The peppers are in bed No. 3. Coming soon: tomatoes, cucumbers and kale.

Please wander back into the perma-culture garden behind the raised beds. It’s full of edible things, most of them green leafy plants. Try creating your own salad mix: nasturtiums, katuk, Brazilian spinach, cranberry hibiscus and moringa. Questions: Contact Rene Stutzman (contact info in 1U Online Member Directory).

Second Harvest is Share-the-Plate for May and June

What tremendous members we have! Our new Second Harvest Food Bank fundraiser total is $11,452.  This is a wonderful gift to the many hungry in our community. We have a new goal of $20,000 and the next 2 months our recipient of the Share the Plate will again be Second Harvest. Please consider giving (again) at https://tinyurl.com/tlk2lcl, where you will even see we are in SECOND PLACE (ahead of the Orlando Magic!!) of all fund drives on the site!

To Make Offerings

Here are convenient ways for you to continue your generosity during this time:

1U Website – Use the Donate button on the upper right-hand section of the home page and follow the directions.

Text – Simply send a text to 407-456-7082 with the amount you’d like to contribute. Make sure to include the dollar sign before the amount (for example: $50). NOTE: Do not place a space between the dollar sign and the dollar amount. Within a few minutes, you’ll be sent a text with a link to register. Click on the link. Enter your cardholder name, and credit or debit card information. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a text verification and a receipt via email. For future giving, simply send a text with the amount you wish to give, and it will process automatically! For donating to Share the Plate, use the texting code: sharedplate

Aid to Joy MCC Food Pantry

1U is unable to collect donations for Joy MCC at this time. Financial donations can be made via the Joy MCC website. Questions? Contact Kathy Homblette at Welcometeam@orlandouu.org

Special Website Member Section

We’ve moved some information on the website into a password-protected member section. There you’ll find the member directory, detailed information on church governance (board, bylaws and approved annual budgets), building and grounds information including the campus safety plan, and volunteer information for religious education. Watch the section’s evolution as it grows to become a rich resource of information for members and leaders of the church. Your directory password works for the new member section. If you don’t have a password and need one, contact webmaster@orlandouu.org.

Plan Ahead   

May 15 — Teaching Craft Circle: Simple Origami 102, 7:00 pm, Online via Zoom

HS Youth Julia comes back to teach more origami! You will learn old favorites like the “heart chain” and “crane” along with new designs! BYO paper, scissor and markers if desired. Printer paper is fine, it does not have to be special origami paper. If you have string or thin ribbon and tape, that will be helpful for “heart string.” Register for this free online class by emailing mysticgrove@orlandouu.org no later than 12 hours before the event. Zoom connection information will be sent to you.

May 17 — 1U Annual Congregational Meeting

Our Annual Congregational Meeting will be held virtually today at 11:45 am. All members of record are expected to participate.

May 22 — Moon Circle Class 5, 7:00 pm Class, 8:00 pm ritual. Online via Zoom

Taking inspiration from UU curriculum “Becoming Women of Wisdom,” Mystic Grove teachers Cat and Mary adapt it for all adults. Each month we examine a decade of life either looking back or looking forward. This class reflects on “Our 20’s” and you are invited to bring a photo of yourself in your 20’s to share if desired. Think “drop in covenant group plus ritual honoring the decade of the month.” Register for this free online class by emailing mysticgrove@orlandouu.org no later than 12 hours before the event. Zoom connection information will be sent to you.

May 31 — Q&A With the Minister, 11:30 am

Curious about 1U or Unitarian Universalism? Join Rev. Sam and the Membership Team online for a Q&A session to learn more about our inclusive free faith. Watch for link in the next few weeks.

Regional UU and Other Community Events and Activities

Let’s ‘UU the Vote’

The new UUA electoral organizing campaign website: “UU the Vote” (uua.org/UUtheVote, https://www.uua.org/liberty/electionreform) provides an Association-wide strategy to help UUs grow and sharpen their skills for faith-based electoral organizing from now until the 2020 election. The Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, UUA President, says “Core UU values of interdependence, democracy, human worth and dignity, the richness of pluralism and diversity, and the inborn right of all people to self-determination and agency are on the line…We are offering a visible alternative to narratives and policies of domination, supremacy, scarcity, and exploitation that threaten and diminish our lives and future. The introductory video may be viewed on the website.


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