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Weekly Update, November 14, 2019

Weekly Update, November 14, 2019

Submissions Needed By Monday for Next Eblast

The Thanksgiving holiday makes for a short week for staff, so the Eblast will be published on Wednesday, Nov. 20. Thus, the deadline to get information into this bulletin will be Monday, Nov. 18, by 5 pm.

This Sunday, November 17, at 1U

Worship — 10:30 am, Sanctuary

Growing a Soul, by Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister

The quest for truth has been a value of our Unitarian Universalist faith for centuries.  It is not merely a quest for knowledge, but being attentive to our natural spiritual growth. Channing called it self-culture.  We might call it growing a soul. The Chalice Choir performs.

Share the Plate — 1U’s Share the Plate recipient for November is IDignity, a community organization focused on restoring dignity through identity. Monthly events are held to assist clients in accessing many sorts of identification, from FL drivers licenses, ids and birth certificates, to social security cards and out of state birth certificates. 1U has been supporting IDignity’s work over the years with both finances and volunteers. (In fact, 1U will be the church sponsor at the December 12 IDignity event in Orange County. Additional volunteers would be welcome. See Kathy Homblette for more details.) Please be as generous as you are able, to support this important and effective work in our community. Thanks! Learn more at IDignity.org, or view this video: https://tinyurl.com/yxtbzd68.L

Adult Religious Education — 9:30 am in the Community Room (the classroom in the far right corner of the Enrichment Center)

No ARE offering today.

Children & Youth Religious Education (CYRE) Sunday Schedule

9:15 am-1:00 pm Nursery for ages 9 months thru 4 years (EC Nursery)

10:30 am-10:45 am Children begin in service with their parents

10:45 am-11:45 pm Children and youth proceed to the Enrichment Center for Children’s programming

11:45 pm Parents pick up Children in the Enrichment Center

For more information: RECoordinator@orlandouu.org. Also, join our Facebook group & stay informed!

Children & Youth Religious Education This Week

Current and Potential RE teachers and assistants, don’t forget to join Sarah Gray, our CRE (Coordinator of Religious Education) for breakfast today in the Assembly Room at 9:30 am.

In our Nursery: Our Nursery staff,  Heather Coddington and Emma Dixon (substitute for Kristin Mataluni) report our youngest UUs played with toys and listened to stories while sitting in laps. Some days are like that!

In Dr. Seuss (ages 3-6): Last Sunday Christine Fullerton and Cindy Cohen talked about feeling “Up” or feeling “Down” and how at times we all need some compassion. Outside, a parachute game demonstrated Up, Down, Under and Around. This Sunday will focus on our 4th Principle – our free and responsible search for truth as Team Seuss reads: Oh, The Thinks We Can Think.

In Star Wars (ages 6-9): Michelle Lee Tichy and Richard Cook focused on our 7th Principle: the interconnected web. After the activity with grapes to tangibly demonstrate interconnectedness, there was an effort made outdoors at creating a web.  This Sunday we introduce the new and improved Star Wars curriculum with a lesson and activities on the light side and dark side.

In Harry Potter (ages 9-13): Rhonda Rodriguez and Daryl Fullerton welcomed guest Rev. Kierstin Homblette, who discussed racial prejudice and discrimination. This Sunday the class returns to lessons in the Harry Potter binder: Class 5 Defense Against the Dark Arts. The students who heard Kierstin speak want to create an anti-bullying PSA for a Hatred Horcrux project. They would love to have guests who have firsthand experience dealing with bullying to share their stories.

In Youth Group (High School): Our Youth toggle between Youth RE and Youth Group. Last Sunday in Youth RE: Virtue Ethics, Carrie Morgan and Richard Champalbert talked about how generosity is more than just parting with material wealth. This Sunday, Youth Group drops off snacks for coffee hour in the morning and talks about Worship during the covenant group hour. During the fellowship hour from 12:00-1:00 pm, youth group families tie dye shirts! Come check out the colorful fun! Next week after RE Class, youth parents drop us off at Five Below at 12:30 pm and wait for us at Barnes and Noble. We are window shopping for “Secret Santa” ideas and then walk to the cafe in the bookstore for a low key “Youth Families” snack social. Siblings welcome! Email Cat Rigby at youthgroup@orlandouu.org with questions.

New to 1U? After Time for All Ages, you are welcome to accompany your child to the Labyrinth outside our Sanctuary. Our Religious Education Teachers will be there to provide guidance about the best class for your child and to answer any questions you have.

Other Sunday, November 17 Activities

Blood Drive — 8:30 am-1:00 pm, Red Bus in 1U Parking Lot

Please plan to give. For questions, contact blooddrive@orlandouu.org. Line up a specific appointment through OneBlood.org.

Inquirers Series  — 11:45 am-1:00 pm, Gore Hall Classroom A

Curious about Unitarian Universalism? Wondering what makes 1U “tick”? Join us for any or all of our Inquirers Series sessions with the minister and various lay leaders:

Nov. 17 – Social Action and Community Service
Nov. 24 – Membership and Congregational Life (covenant, governance, membership, stewardship)

For those ready to join the congregation, we will welcome new members in worship on Dec. 8, with a get-acquainted potluck on Dec. 6 at 7-9 p.m. in Gore Hall.

Thanksgiving Is Coming!

You’ve read about it, seen some things about it, heard about it. Now it’s time to decide if you are coming.  The dinner list is approaching 30 wonderful folks. Sign up, pay up ($5 per person), decide what holiday dish you want to bring (PerfectPotluck.com; Vaccaro 1122), and tell us what you can do to help. If you thought a big holiday dinner at home was a lot of work just think about a very, very big dinner for a large crowd. What is the largest number of guests you have had for a holiday dinner? Wonderful fun, but much to do! Watch for a new location for the signup table and take a peek at the 1U crowd coming this year. And–add your name.

Chalica Kits by Mystic Grove – 11:30 am-12:30 pm, Gore Hall

Mystic Grove helps you celebrate Chalica with “ready to go” candle kits and readings! Get yours in coffee hour during November. Kits are $5-$10 suggested donation, nobody turned away for lack of funds. Proceeds benefit the 25th Annual Winter Solstice Service supplies on Dec 21. Chalica is a week-long celebration of Unitarian Universalist Principles. The holiday first emerged in 2005 out of a wish to have a holiday organized around Unitarian Universalist values. This year Chalica begins on Dec .2 and lasts seven days. Each day, a chalice is lit and the day is spent reflecting on the meaning of that day’s principle and doing a good deed that honors that principle. Email mysticgrove@orlandouu.org for more info.

Coming Now Through Next Week

Friday – November 15

1U & University UUF Present Concert — doors open 6:30 pm, Concert 7:00 pm, 1U Sanctuary

Deeper Than The Skin, A Concert with Reggie Harris & Greg Greenway: A Musical Presentation on Race in America. Suggested donation: $20. Further information about the concert can be found at www.DeeperThanTheSkin.com. Also email questions to: uuconcertinfo@gmail.com.

Saturday – November  16

Tai Chi — 9:00 am, Enrichment Center Studio 

All are welcome, class is free, with a ($5) donation to 1U requested. Katherine Vaccaro, our Tai Chi instructor, welcomes you and any questions. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit. Please email taichi@orlandouu.org for information about the class, which regularly meets Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:00 am.

Monday – November 18

Monthly 1U Board of Trustees Meeting — 7:00-9:00 pm, Gore Hall Room A

1U members and friends are welcome to observe Board Meetings. To bring an item to the Board’s agenda, contact an Executive Committee member at least a week before the meeting. Executive Committee Members include the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Minister and immediate Past President.

Tuesday – November 19

Tai Chi — 9:00-10:00 am, Enrichment Center Studio

All are welcome, class is free, with a ($5) donation to 1U requested. Katherine Vaccaro, our Tai Chi instructor, welcomes you and any questions. The moe you practice, the more you’ll benefit.

The Alliance — 10:30 am, Gore Hall  

Please  join us for our monthly potluck lunch at noon!

On Tuesday, November 26 at 9:00 am we’ll be setting up our annual Holiday Boutique and would appreciate anyone who can help. We’d also appreciate donations of holiday and giftable items. For further information contact us at alliance@orlandouu.org.

Eclectic Music Collective Practice — 7:00 pm, Sanctuary

EMC (Eclectic Music Collective) is an open musical collective. The group seeks and encourages 1U members with varied musical abilities and interests to collaborate and create an eclectic range of musical offerings in support 1U’s mission. Key objectives include preparation for musical performances supporting Sunday services and 1U related events. Effective collaboration will be the primary intention and framework.

Folk Ensemble — 7:30 pm, EC Studio

Everyone welcome. No particular skill level needed. If you enjoy sing-alongs, please join us.

Wednesday – November 20

Wednesday Morning Meditations at UUUF — 8:30-9:00 am, 11648 McCulloch Rd

All are welcome to participate in a lightly guided morning sitting practice to get the day started at the University Universalist Unitarian Fellowship, 11648 McCulloch Rd, Orlando, FL 32817.

Choir Practice — 7:30 pm, Sanctuary 

The Chalice Choir rehearses until 9:00 pm under the direction of Aubrey Connelly-Candelario. All are welcome!

Thursday – November 21

Tai Chi — 9:00-10:00 am, Enrichment Center Studio 

All are welcome, class is free, with a ($5) donation to 1U requested. Katherine Vaccaro, our Tai Chi instructor, welcomes you and any questions. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit.

Eclectic Music Collective Practice — 7:00 pm, Sanctuary

EMC (Eclectic Music Collective) is an open musical collective. The group seeks and encourages 1U members with varied musical abilities and interests to collaborate and create an eclectic range of musical offerings in support 1U’s mission. Key objectives include preparation for musical performances supporting Sunday services and 1U related events. Effective collaboration will be the primary intention and framework.

Mindfulness Meditation — 7:00-8:00 pm, Studio (West end of the Enrichment Center)

Join us every Thursday for eclectic meditation practice based in, but not limited to, the Mindfulness tradition. After introductions, we have a 20-minute sit followed by discussion. We close with another 10-minute sit. Open to those with and without meditation experience. Drop-in friendly.

Other News

Upcoming Sunday Services – November Worship Theme:  What does it mean to be a people of ATTENTION? 

Nov. 24      Gratitude Reconsidered, by Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister

How might we give thanks in a world where there is so much injustice and need?

Adopt a Poinsettia

Throughout December, 1U’s Flowers Team decorates the Sanctuary and main meeting rooms with poinsettias. We invite 1U members and friends to add to the December decor. If you are interested, you can participate in these ways:

Donate funds toward the mass purchase of the poinsettias (suggested donation: $15, all contributions welcomed–leave with Gaby at 1U Central on Sundays; provide your name & email addresss if you want a copy of the purchase receipt).

Donate a potted poinsettia(s) in any size or color you’ve purchased yourself. (This plant will need to be one you are willing to bring to 1U on December 2 and leave until the first Sunday in January.)

Questions?  Email flowers@orlandouu.org

Listening Circles:  Process and Be Heard

Two Listening Circles are scheduled on Sundays: December 1 and 8 at 12:00-1:00 pm in Gore Hall Room A for those needing a place to process feelings and be heard in response to the tragic news of a local prominent minister who sexually abused a youth, then committed suicide. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, have lost a loved one in the past because of suicide, are having difficulty with the situation, or just need a place to process and be heard, these sessions will include some members of the Lay Pastoral Care Associates (LPCA) and Rev. Sam.  In the meantime, if you need support, reach out to the LPCA (pastoralassociates@orlandouu.org) or our minister (revsam@orlandouu.org). We recognize that these events might cause some, including survivors of sexual abuse, to re-experience painful memories. These are not therapy sessions, but listening sessions where you can be heard.

1U Garden Update

Anybody want some fresh lemon grass? Freshly harvested sugar cane? Find each in the perma-garden near the little peach tree. Stalks are cut, laying beside raised bed No 8, (the one in the southwest corner) and ready for chopping up for Asian cooking. Sugar cane: 20ish stalks are ready to be stripped of their leaves and/or cut into chunks. Find them in a tidy stack near the water spigot. If you want a 20-foot piece of sugar cane, today is your lucky day. If we had a commercial press, we could press out the juice then cook it down or distill it into a variety of things, including syrup or rum. Anybody got any ideas? Contact Garden@orlandouu.org

1U Collaboration on Food Pantry Needs with Joy MCC Church

With a note of gratitude to all who have contributed over the years to the food collected for Catholic Charities, 1U is embarking on a new collaboration with Joy MCC ((JMCC) church, to support their food distribution ministries. Possibilities are varied, including contributing requested food, helping at their food pantry (they feed 100 families a week), assist with creating holiday meals, cash support, and education. The Joy MCC staff and volunteers involved in this work are eager and grateful for any participation on our part.

Here is how you might be involved:

bring one or several of these items for their 11/17 drive (a collection box will be labeled and available in Gore Hall; stores are listed as preferences, but are not required):  Children’s snack fruit cups (Dollar Tree), Mac & cheese in box (Wal-Mart brand), grape jelly (Dollar Tree), small stuffed animal or small toys such as CRS Hot Wheels for Christmas (Dollar or Wal-Mart).

assist at their Thanksgiving meal bag construction on Monday, 11/25 at 6:00 pm at their site 2351 S Ferncreek Ave Orlando, FL 32806

consider being part of a team to liaison and plan with Joy MCC. Team tasks could include, for starters, forwarding JMCC requests to 1U congregants, arranging for collection (they have agreed to pick up food as needed), planning for education opportunities, sharing information about volunteer opportunities. Contact Kathy Homblette for more specific details, at Welcometeam@Orlandouu.org.

Caring Circle

Members of the Caring Circle offer kind, practical, tangible efforts to church members who may be experiencing significant joys, concerns, sorrows, or changes in their lives by providing rides to medical appointments, and/or help with meals, pet care, etc., during a member’s period of recuperation. Bev Alig is the CC contact for November, and may be reached at CaringCircle@OrlandoUU.org

Having Issues with the 1U Member Directory Log-in??

Any member who has recently logged into the online Member Directly may have noticed that a second log-in (same login information) is now required. And, once that has been completed, a Profile” page appears which is a page of no use to members. That’s a problem that the Church Office knows about and is working to fix. Our apologies for the frustration the extra steps will cause. Please bear with us until it has been resolved. In the meantime, please do stop by Gaby’s table in Gore Hall on Sundays and pick up a very short instruction sheet on how to get to the directory. The  screenshot pictured here shows how members can drag down from the little house graphic to VISIT SITE. Then they can path over to RESOURCES, then down to MEMBER DIRECTORY. It’s a circuitous route for now, but we hope this will be corrected soon!

Missed a Sunday?

Audio recordings for most Sunday sermons are online here. Just click and listen.

1U Auction News

Planning has begun for 1U’s Hearts and Hands 2020 auction on Saturday evening, Feb. 22!  Be sure to mark it on your calendar now. We already have some exciting donations, including Karen Ramberg’s condo for a week in Lido Key, 4 hours of window washing by Rene Stutzman, kayaking for 2 with Ann Mount, and a pair of tickets to The Capitol Steps on March 12 given by Lindsay Stroh.

We are looking for more donations. We need gift cards, invites to dinner in your home, home baked cookies made and delivered, theater tickets…anything  that you can give from your heart or your hands to help support the work of 1U!  Note: please NO  clothing, furniture, hanging wall art, or “garage sale” items. Also, no more than three of a similar item per donor.

Donation forms (for tangible items and for services/events) can be downloaded from the Auction webpage, and they are also available either by email (auction@orlandouu.org) or on Sunday at Gaby’s table. You can return the completed forms at Gaby’s table, or you can send them to the church office. Please let us know what you can give.

Others have kindly committed to help out the committee as we take on this job. WE NEED YOU! If you would like to volunteer, please alert us by email (auction@orlandouu.org) or in person. Any of us on the committee can use more hearts and hands to get this effort moving.

Pastoral Care Associates

Pastoral Care Associates have been trained to provide a confidential, caring presence to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges. Church members can receive compassionate care when they are in pain, sick, lonely or struggling with changes. If you are a 1U member in need, contact our Pastoral Care Coordinator at PastoralAssociates@OrlandoUU.org.

UU Holiday Cards Now Available!

Check out the beautiful UU holiday and solstice cards available online now at https://www.uuabookstore.org/Holiday-Cards-C1408.aspx .

Update Your Contact Information!

Keeping in touch with 1U members and friends is important. You can help keep those communication lines functioning by alerting the office about changes in your contact information: email address, street address, preferred phone numbers. Having current contact information allows 1U to keep you in the loop with all kinds of information about events. It is also vital that current information is available for electronic banking arrangements. Contact Amy Fairweather at churchadministrator@orlandouu.org or call the church office at 407-898-3621. We appreciate your help with this!

Plan Ahead

November 24 — Wrestling with our Understandings around Race — 11:45-1:00 pm, Assembly Room in the Enrichment Center

This is an open meeting on the fourth Sunday of each month. The events of the past few years have called our attention to issues of race, and understanding our relationship to those issues. Each week our attention is drawn to another event in the public eye around race and justice. Many of us are wrestling with understanding and responding to our experience, our emotions, and what we are called to do. It can be difficult, and for some of us it is destabilizing. Let us remain open in our hearts to this journey. We anticipate deep conversation within the congregation, and hope for greater understanding, healing and spiritual development. You may find readings and resources at: https://wordpress.com/posts/wrestlingwithrace.wordpress.com.

December 1 — Movie Talk, 9:30 am in the Community Room (far right corner of the Enrichment Center)

Movie Talk is a monthly discussion group that allows us to examine our principles through shared cultural events – in this case, movies.  Sunday, December 1st at 9:30 am, join the movie discussion on Motherless Brooklyn. How can a person, Lionel (Edward Norton), with physical and mental handicaps, preserve his dignity in a cruel, corrupt city? Lionel avoids cynicism and embraces righteousness.

December 1 — Mystic Grove UUUF Sermon and 1st Sunday Monthly Meeting

Mystic Grove goes to our sister church, University UU Fellowship to give the 10:30 am Sunday sermon Out of Darkness, Many Paths to the Sun. At times, one’s faith journey sometimes enters “the long dark night of the soul” and twists and turns expectedly or unexpectedly. Through personal stories, Mystic Grove invites you to reflect on your own dark nights and where your faith journey is today. As a result of this visit, Mystic Grove’s monthly meeting will be held at UUUS this month or at a nearby restaurant. Contact mysticgrove@orlandouu.org for more info.

December 13 — Black Cat Open Mic Night, 7:30 pm-12:00 am, Gore Hall

Are you a performer? Poetry, comedy, live music and more is welcome. Doors open at 7:30 pm for sign ups, performances start at 8:00. Suggested donation of $2 to enter. Pizza, treats and beverages available. More info or to Facebook RSVP:  https://tinyurl.com/blackcatnov2019.

December 15 — Nora Staton Bookstore Open — Before AND after Church, Gore Hall Foyer

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Come shop at the Nora Staton bookstore, where you’ll find a large assortment of UU-related titles in many categories. The bookstore is open quarterly, and this is the (late) Fall event. We have some excellent purchase awards: a Unitarian Universalist tote bag OR a bumper sticker — free with a $30 purchase! Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted for payment. Questions? Contact us at bookstore@OrlandoUU.org.

December 21 — 1U Midlife Couples Group Enjoys Winter Park, 1:00 pm, Winter Park Main Square

Join the 1U Midlife Couples Group for the 24th Annual Merry Tuba Christmas, a free outdoor concert in Winter Park.  Spend the morning shopping the Farmer’s Market, eat breakfast on Park Avenue, or simply join us on the lawn for a fun concert. Bring chairs or a blanket, sun hat, and whatever you would like to eat or drink. Be sure to stop in at 10,000 Villages for any last minute holiday gifts you need to pick up.For more information contact:  Wendy McCleskey, whose contact information is in the 1U Member Directory. Enjoy the rich sounds of Christmas as tuba, euphonium, sousaphone & baritone players of all ages gather in Central Park to perform a FREE concert from the main stage beginning at 1:00 pm. Winter Park’s 24th Annual Merry Tuba Christmas is a free one-hour concert that has become a staple on the holiday list of things to do. Take a break from shopping on the Avenue, and relax with loved ones to enjoy this annual event.

December 28 — Into the Light: Winter Solstice Workshop, 10:00 am-5:00 pm, Assembly Room

The final workshop in a series of eight led by Melissa Baker: Our Sacred Gardeners have cleared the field of their dreams, planted seeds of hope, blossomed and bloomed, harvested gratitude, and now it is time to move through darkness and into the light. Together, we will reflect on how we have grown through the seasons with a connection to our deeper selves through art, and determine what blankets of truth we will wrap ourselves in during the season of introspection. We will walk the labyrinth and journey through meditation into the tomb of surrender, as we prepare to be reborn into the light. Lunch will be provided, plus coffee, tea, water. Please bring your journal in case you’d like to write about what comes up for you. The cost for food, supplies for two creative projects, and venue is $65/$50 for 1U members (cash, paypal, or zelle). Sponsored by Pastoral Associates. Come grow with us! SPACE IS LIMITED – PLEASE RSVP IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND!

February 22 — Hearts & Hands 2020 Auction

Save the date for our Hearts & Hands 2020 Auction: February 22, 2020! Co-chairs Suzanne Oberholtzer and Carolina Lofgren are also looking for people who want to be involved: obtaining donations from businesses and members, helping with food, beverages, decorations, publicity, cleanup, etc. It takes a congregation to put on one of these events! Contact us at Auction@orlandouu.org!

Regional UU and Other Community Events and Activities

November 20 — LWV-OC “Women’s Lost History” Group with Patty Farless, 6:00-8:00 pm, Rollins College Bush Executive Center 

The League of Women Voters of Orange County hosts this reading-discussion group titled “Women’s Lost History: Exploring Women’s Right to Vote Through the Lenses of Race, Class, Gender, and National Origin” with exceptional teacher Patty Farless. To register please write to historylwvoc@gmail.com. You may also call Joan Erwin (phone number in Member Directory, texts are fine). This is the final session in this series. Room 220. You don’t have to go the whole series to join in. You’ll learn plenty of fascinating history about our foremothers! If you’d like to carpool from Orlando to the Rollins campus, meet at the parking lot behind the First Unitarian Church,  1901 E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32803, between 5 and 5:15 p.m. We’ll leave by 5:15. You can reach me at 407-230-0530.

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