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Weekly Update – November 2, 2017

Weekly Update – November 2, 2017

News Flash!

Sunday:  Open House Helpers Meeting!

Details in Sunday – November  5 listing.


Urgent:  Lawn Games, Event Tents, & Welcome Team Volunteers Needed for Nov. 11 Open House!

Details in Other News.


Weekly Update E-Blasts are always posted on the 1U website under the News and Events menu/Weekly Update.

Friday – November 3

BYO Craft Circle and Samhain Rehearsal–7:00 – 9:00 pm, Gore Hall

Looking for a low stress activity? Want to meet creative people? Come join us for crafting and fellowship once a month at the BYO Project craft circle! You can bring your own crafts to Gore Hall and watch Mystic Grove rehearse for Samhain! Facebook RSVP please. For more info, email us at mysticgrove@orlandouu.org

Saturday – November  4

Samhain Celebration – 7:00-9:00 pm, Gore Hall

Join Mystic Grove as we honor “The Many Faces of the Goddess,” honor our ancestors, and walk the new labyrinth for the first time in ritual. Come as you are or dressed in colors of the season: (grey, black, white, blues). “Pagan formal” is encouraged. This is your chance to break out the fancy clothes! You can also bring your drums and other percussion unstruments. Please bring a photo of your ancestor(s) for the community altar if you would like. Ritual begins at 7:00 pm. Potluck to follow at 8:00. As a kindness to others, please be sure your dish is labeled with name of dish, name of cook, and any allergenic ingredients. Questions? Email mysticgrove@orlandouu. orgFacebook RSVP please.

Sunday – November  5

Double Services – Worship at 9:30 and 11:00 am, Sanctuary

Continuing the Dream, Building the Dream Team

As the renovation completes and we prepare to celebrate with the community, the Building the Dream Team, which has led this project, reflects, looks forward, and plants the seeds for future dreams. The Chalice Choir will perform.

Children’s Religious Education (CRE) 

9:15 am-12:15 pm  Nursery for ages 9 months thru 4 years (New EC Nursery)

9:30 am-10:30 am Childcare During Worship & Adult RE (New EC Nursery)

11:00 am-11:15 am Children begin in service with their parents. (Sanctuary)

11:15-12:15 pm Children and youth proceed to Children’s Activities (Enrichment Center)

12:15 pm Parents pick up Children in the New EC Nursery

Visitors and Guests: while your children are welcome to stay in service with you, if you would like to take advantage of our Children’s offerings please accompany them to the Enrichment Center and fill in a visitor/guest information form before returning to service.

Program registration for the 2017-2018 program year is now open. You can access the Parent Portal and the Pay Fees button via our website’s Learn page: https://www.orlandouu.org/learn/

Opportunities to Volunteer: please take a look at our Volunteer page and see if there is something that interests you. There are many options that don’t involve working with kids directly. Not listed are a million extra things due to construction – more opportunities to help

Contact DRE Regina Knabe for more information at DRE@OrlandoUU.org. Also, join our Facebook group & stay informed!

Adult Religious Education (All sessions are drop-in friendly! All are welcome! Learn more here

9:30 am in the Community Room:  No program offering today.

Plan Ahead: 

November 19 — 11:00 am in Gore Hall Classroom A: Movie Talk  “Blade Runner” is a movie that illuminates so many of our UU values and yet appears to be “only” a dystopian Sci-Fi flick. What happens to the “inherent worth of every person” when applied to people who aren’t viewed as real people?  In our free and responsible search for truth and meaning, do we get lost by casting ourselves as the lead player in our narrative? Go see Blade Runner 2049.  Then come to discuss this movie from a UU principles perspective.

Open House Volunteers Meeting – 12:30 pm, Gore Hall Classroom B

Anyone interested in volunteering for the 1U Open House on Nov 11 (11-2pm) should plan on attending a short meeting today in Classroom B in Gore Hall.  If you cannot attend, please contact Amy (fuco@cfl.rr.com ).

Looking for company for Thanksgiving dinner? –  Pumpkin Table, Social Hour, Gore Hall 

Stop by the Pumpkin Table today! We are looking for volunteers to help with planning details or serving as turkey roasters for a festive community dinner with family and friends at 1U on Thursday, November 23. All are welcome!

Mystic Grove 1st Sunday Monthly Meeting – 12:30-1:30 pm, EC Room 1

The Mystic Grove is an eclectic Pagan group that is affiliated with 1U. Rituals are volunteer led and the volunteer may choose to do the ritual in the style of their Pagan path. Although we vary in the different Pagan paths we follow, we are all Unitarian Universalists. 1st Sunday Meetings are great way to get to know us and how we work. Everyone is welcome to attend. Here we discuss how the past ritual went, plan for next ritual, classes, craft circles, and more. Lunch at a nearby restaurant follows for those wanting to enjoy fellowship after the meeting. For more info, email us at mysticgrove@orlandouu.org.

 Wrestling with our Understandings around Race – 12:30-1:30 pm,  EC Community room

This is an open meeting on the first Sunday of each month. The events of this year have called our attention to issues of race, and understanding our relationship to those issues.  Each week our attention is drawn to another event in the public eye around race and justice. Many of us are wrestling with understanding and responding to our experience, our emotions, and what we are called to do. It can be difficult, and for some of us it is destabilizing. Let us remain open in our hearts to this journey. We anticipoate deep conversation within the congregation, and hope for greater understanding, healing and spiritual development. We will discuss an article from YES magazine on understanding White Privilege (AKA White Supremacy).  Find it here: http://www.yesmagazine.org/people-power/my-white-friend-asked-me-on-facebook-to-explain-white-privilege-i-decided-to-be-honest-20170809.

First Sunday Fellowship

Today is the first Sunday of the month, and that means 1U members and friends will be gathering in various parts of Orlando (Winter Park, East of 436, Downtown, West Orlando, South Orlando, and Conway) for neighborhood connections.These are opportunities for social interactions, a meal and/or beverage, and the chance to expand relationships. Unlike “Dinner with Friends,” groups are meeting at neighborhood restaurants, not individual homes. If you are interested in learning more or finding a group near you, contact Kathy Homblette at Fellowship@orlandouu.org. Times and locations vary.

We would love to bring together a group in the Maitland/Casselberry area (or other northern suburbs). Please contact me if you would like to know more about how you might play a part in expanding this fellowship opportunity into your area: Kathy Homblette at Fellowship@orlandouu.org.

Monday November  6

1U Executive Committee Meeting – 6:00-7:00 pm, Telemeeting

The Executive Committee meets to set the agenda for next week’s Board of Trustees meetings . Items for the agenda are to be given to an Exec Member in advance of this meeting.

Monthly Vegan Potluck – 7:00pm, EC Assembly Room

For folks interested in the vegan lifestyle, the Green Team is pleased to host this VegCF gathering ending at 9:00 pm. Join us with a vegan dish or a $10 donation and enjoy the delicious food!

Tuesday – November 7

The Alliance — 10:30 am-1:00 pm, Gore Hall

Members are needed at this noon meeting to vote on whether to reduce the quorum to 10 members at future business meetings.  Alliance Board members meet at 11:00 and the full membership meets at 12:15 in Gore Hall. The new Resale Shop is open in Gore Hall and is receiving donated items. Holiday items are welcome for the small Holiday Boutique to be held in December. Stop by the new shop and see what type of items we feature. We are excited to resume sales because it means we can resume financial support of causes which Unitarians want to promote. The Alliance also exists to support members and friends in other ways. For more info, contact the Alliance at Alliance@Orlandouu.org.

Band Practice — 7:00 pm, Sanctuary 

Welkin & EMC practice.

Folk Ensemble — 7:30 pm, EC Studio 

Everyone welcome. No particular skill level needed. If you enjoy sing-alongs, please join us.

Wednesday – November 8

Choir Practice – 7:00 pm, Sanctuary 

The Chalice Choir rehearses until 8:30 pm under the direction of Aubrey Connelly-Candelario.

Thursday – November 9

Tarot 2: Minor Arcana Class, Session 6 – 7:00-9:00 pm, EC Room 1
Want to learn about the minor arcana? In this 10-week evening class, you can learn principles of interpretation and more. You do not need Tarot 1 to take this class. Today’s topic is “Celtic Cross Spread.”  Drop In” students welcome, but materials only printed for registered students. More info here. To register email mysticgrove@orlandouu.org.
Meditation Group — 7:00 pm, EC Studio

An open, ongoing group offered free of charge. All are welcome, no registration required.

Other News

Upcoming Worship

11/12 Retired UU Men (RUUM) on Mindfulness

11/19 Rev. Kathy on Thanksgiving

11/26 Karla Kizzort on Building Community to Build Resiliency

Lawn Games Needed for Nov. 11 Open House!

If you have any lawn games (i.e., corn hole, bean bag toss, etc.) that are in good condition, would you consider loaning them to 1U for the Open House on Saturday, Nov. 11? If yes, please let Gaby know (at 1U Central in Gore Hall) on Sunday. or email her at programassistant@cfl.rr.com.

Event Tents Needed for November 11 Open House!

If you have an event tent (a  10’ x 10’ tent with 4 poles) in good condition, would you consider lending it to 1U for the Open House on Saturday, Nov. 11?  If yes, please let Gaby know (at 1YU Central in Gore Hall) on Sunday or email her at programassistant@cfl.rr.com.

You Need to Smile More! 

And we’ll help you do that if you volunteer to be part of our Welcome Team during the 1U Open House on Nov. 11 (11:00 am-2:00 pm). Once you see all the other smiling faces on campus that day, you won’t be able to help yourself. All that good cheer from our neighbors and community partners will make you so proud to be a 1Uer, smiling will be your natural response. Sign up with Gaby at 1U Central on Sundays or email her at programassistant@cfl.rr.com.

Looking for company for Thanksgiving dinner?

Join us at 1U on Thursday, November 23 for a festive community dinner with family and friends. All are welcome! Appetizers: 5:00 pm. Dinner: 5:30pm. At this time, we are looking for volunteers: to help with planning details and/or as turkey roasters. Stop by the pumpkin table in Gore Hall during Social Hour on Sunday, 11/5 to learn more. Details for reserving your spot at the Thanksgiving dinner will be shared soon.

Share the Plate Update

For November, we’ll be sharing the plate with iDignity. iDignity Orlando holds monthly events staffed by volunteers to help people apply for a Florida license or ID card at no cost, and/or to acquire the other necessary documents such as replacement birth certificate and immigration records needed get a license or ID. On Sunday, November 19, Anne Taylor of iDignity will be here to tell us more about their important work.

Help Needed for a Family from Puerto Rico

1U Member Steph Garber has adopted a family from Puerto Rico whom she does not know but they need a lot of help as they lost everything but their lives in the recent tragedy. They lived for 21 days in their car until they were able to get here on a humanitarian flight and stay in a hotel paid for by United Way. She has taken a leap of faith and told them she knows a lot of generous people and that we would be happy to help them as they get on their feet with gift cards for gas or groceries or simple restaurants for meals. If you are able to contribute to this project, please let Steph know as she would be very grateful to add your gift cards to others for them. If you prefer to give money she would be happy to buy the gift cards. It is a family of a mom and dad (both mid-30s) and 3 young kids and an adult sister of the dad and grandma (age 71). Thank you for your kindness. You may email Steph at foodbank@orlandouu.org.

Building The Dream Update

Much of our contingency list is done, or past the time when the items can be done within the current project. We have four things left that we need money for:

Sealing the Gore Hall parking lot                               $6500

A rail for the steps for the kitchen door                    $1000

Additional Landscape for the front of Gore Hall    $1000

Benches around the campus (4-7 benches)              cost tbd

You can donate toward these items on Sundays, by check or online (mark that it is “for the building“). Future fundraising will be tackled in the fullness of time for items too late to work into the current project, including car charging station and new windows. Have questions?  Feel free to drop us an email and let us know.

UUSC Holiday Cards Now Available for Order Online

The cards that are perfect for holiday sending are now available online. Proceeds from sales of holiday cards and merchandise are a vital fundraiser for UUSC and help advance our human rights work and build justice in the name of Unitarian Universalist principles around the globe. You can view this year’s available holiday cards designs here. Note that there are several designs still available at discounted prices! If you order $60 or more, shipping is free! here are some lovely note cards available for $10 for 10 at The Good Buy: “Plant justice, Harvest peace.”

Rev. Kathy’s Blog

Rev. Kathy is taking a break from writing for the Orlando Sentinel. She still writes to her blog weekly and you can check it out growinginplace.wordpress.com.

Board Minutes Available

You can read the minutes of the most recent meeting of the 1U Board of Trustees here. Previous minutes can be found in the Governance section of the 1U website, which is under the About 1U tab.

Update Your Contact Information!

Keeping in touch with 1U members and friends is important. You can help keep those communication lines functioning by alerting the office about changes in your contact information: email address, street address, preferred phone numbers. Having current contact information allows 1U to keep you in the loop with all kinds of information about events. It is also vital that current information is available for electronic banking arrangements. Contact Amy Fairweather at churchadministrator@orlandouu.org or call the church office at 407-898-3621. We appreciate your help with this!

Plan Ahead

November 10 – Black Cat Cafe, 7:30-10:30 pm, Gore Hall

Join us at this open-mic coffeehouse to share and enjoy great music, poetry, stories, dance & more! All are welcome! $2 donation. More info: BlackCatCafe@OrlandoUU.org or visit on the Web.

November 11 – 1U Open House

We’ll be showing off our newly renovated campus to our neighbors, friends and community partners on Saturday, November 11, 2017, from 11:00 am-2:00 pm. This is our opportunity to welcome them and have them get to know 1U a little better. There will be food trucks, lawn games, mini-campus tours, a bounce house for kids, and live music. Please attend, and bring your family, friends and neighbors.

November 19 – Blood drive at 1U, 8:30 am-1:00 pm, Red Bus in 1U Parking Lot

Blood drives are returning to First Unitarian Church of Orlando today. You have an opportunity to donate at the Red Bus from One Blood right in our parking lot. All blood types are needed. If you are able to donate please plan to do so as the need is great with many units going to help our neighbors in Puerto Rico. You may make an appointment online at OneBlood.org or just walk in!!

Ongoing Activities, Needs & Resources

1U Central: Your One Stop 1U Info Spot

Is it your first, second, or third time visiting? Feel a bit out of the loop? Want to know what is going on within the congregation? Stop on by to 1U Central located in the EC Assembly Room and say hi to Gaby! She can fill you in on current actions, events, and groups. She can help you get signed up for the Weekly E-Blasts, get a nametag, or sign up for all the great things 1U offers!

1U Caring Circle

Members of the Caring Circle offer kind, practical, tangible efforts to other church members who may be experiencing significant joys, concerns, sorrows, or changes in their lives. Monthly contact people follow up on Joys and Concerns expressed in Sunday worship, as well as notices from the minister or other church members, about short-term circumstances that may need attention. Other members serve in providing phone calls, greeting cards, rides to church events, medical appointments, meals for a while, pet care, etc. Please contact our Caring Circle coordinator Kathy Homblette at CaringCircle@OrlandoUU.org for details or to participate. Caring Circle contact for this month is Dayle Steakley.

Pastoral Care Associates

These can be challenging and difficult times as we try to understand what is happening in the world and how it relates to our personal lives. It can be comforting to know you’re not alone and it helps to have someone from 1U’s faith community listen, care, and offer support. If you are in need, contact our Pastoral Care Coordinator at pastoralassociates@OrlandoUU.org.

Missed a Sunday?

Audio recordings for most Sunday sermons are online here. Just click and listen.

UUA Video

Great 3-Minute Intro to Unitarian Universalism!

Help Keep Our Pulpit Beautiful!

Have you noticed the decorative flora at the pulpit during Sunday services? Simple, beautiful and log-falling easy for anyone to do! Do you grow flowers or ornamental shrubs? Pass a wildflower field en route to church? Love to create floral arrangements? Want to make an almost effortless contribution to our community on the occasional Sunday? We even provide the vases. Join the Flowers Team and help provide pulpit flowers & greenery for a few services a year! On the Sundays of your choice you can supply cut fresh flowers, a potted plant or flower, an orchid, wildflowers, something from your garden or that of a neighbor (after you are given access)– even fine silk arrangements. Then you can take it home, give it away, or leave it in Gore Hall for church visitors to enjoy. To learn all the details or to join the team right now, email Karla Kizzort at flowers@orlandouu.org.

Join 1U A/V Team

Want to learn about sound systems, or how to present a slide show or video? Then the 1U Audio/Visual team is for you! You don’t need to be an expert to join in the fun. Personalized training is provided, and you can polish your skills as you go. Contact us at audioteam@orlandouu.org, or you can always just show up at the A/V room right after service to chat. More info here.

Fair Trade Goods Every Sunday – Noon, Assembly Room

Fair Trade coffee and other goods are available Sundays at the back of Gore Hall after the 11:00 service. Sales of coffee, chocolate and tea benefit small independent growers, UUSC and our church. Think about these as thoughtful gifts!

First Sunday Fellowship

1U members and friends gather in various parts of Orlando (Winter Park, East of 436, Downtown, West Orlando, Conway, South Orlando, so far) for neighborhood connections. These are opportunities for social interactions, a meal and/or beverage, and the chance to expand relationships. Unlike “Dinner with Friends,” groups are meeting at neighborhood restaurants, not individual homes. If you are interested in learning more or finding a group near you, contact Kathy Homblette at Fellowship@orlandouu.org. Times and locations vary.

Give By Text 

You can now make a contribution to First Unitarian Church with a quick text message! Simply send a text to 407-456-7082 with the amount you’d like to contribute. Make sure to include the dollar sign before the amount (for example: $25).  NOTE: Do not place a space between the dollar sign and the dollar amount.  Within a few minutes, you’ll be sent a text with a link to register. Click on the link and enter your cardholder name and credit or debit card information. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a text verification and a receipt via email. For future giving, simply send a text with the amount you wish to give, and it will process automatically!  To text contribution to individual funds include the text code in your text message:

Annual Pledge (texting code: annualpledge)      Building Donation (texting code: bldgdonation)

Building Pledge (texting code: bldgpledge)        Donation (textingcode:  generaldonation)

Share the Plate (texting code: sharedplate)

Join the Welcome Team! Extra Hands Needed!

Are you looking for an easy way to be of service at 1U? How about helping make members and guests feel welcome, as you were when you first attended? Welcome Team tasks range from greeting folks to handing out Orders of Service through collecting the offering to making coffee. All directions for each task are provided. Most Welcome Team members sign up to serve at one service a month. Consider being part of one of the most enjoyable teams in 1U! Contact Kathy Homblette for more details at Fellowship@orlandouu.org.

Join Justice GoogleGroup

To get regular messages or a daily summary, and to share Social Justice Events and information (in central Florida and beyond), join 1U Justice googlegroup. Email socialjustice@orlandouu.org with your request to join. Include the name and e-mail address you want used. More information will accompany your invitation.

The Best Way to Know What Is Going On Around 1U – This Weekly Update

The Weekly Update is posted to the 1U website by Thursday of each week. An email reminder is then sent to the members and visitors who have provided their email addresses. If you are not receiving the weekly email reminder, please contact ChurchAdministrator@orlandouu.org. A reminder is also posted to the 1U facebook page.

Become a Home Hospitality Host

On occasion, 1U has the opportunity to host other UUs for events like District Assembly, Choir Festival, District meetings, and other events. Some of our fellow UUs who come into town for a day or two to join us and/or use our facilities appreciate being welcomed into our homes for the night to cut down on hotel expense while getting to know us. If you have space in your home to host a guest or two, please consider joining in this Hospitality offering! Email 1uhomehospitality@gmail.com to be added to our database to be contacted about opportunities as they arise.

Board Minutes Available

You can read the minutes of the most recent meeting of the 1U Board of Trustees here. Previous minutes can be found in the Governance section of the 1U website, which is under the About 1U tab.

Say Hello to Sustainable Shopping at thegoodbuy.com

Say good-bye to shopping that’s bad for workers and the earth. Proceeds from the Good Buy underwrite human rights programs around the world through the UUSC, so you can make a difference with each purchase.

To be removed from this email list, reply to this message

with “REMOVE” in the subject line.

First Unitarian Church of Orlando

Phone: 407-898-3621

Email: webmaster@OrlandoUU.org

Website: https://www.orlandouu.org

Minister: Reverend Kathy Schmitz

Minister’s Email: minister@orlandouu.org

Minister’s Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/revkathyschmitz

Minister’s Blog: http://growinginplace.wordpress.com