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Weekly Update, November 7, 2019

Weekly Update, November 7, 2019





This Sunday, November 10, at 1U

Worship — 10:30 am, Sanctuary

Being Present, by Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister

Amid all the digital connectedness in our world, we are lonelier than ever. In all the distractions of our day, how might we live more mindfully to what is really present?

Adult Religious Education — 9:30 am in the Community Room (the classroom in the far right corner of the Enrichment Center)

Children & Youth Religious Education (CYRE) Sunday Schedule

9:15 am-1:00 pm Nursery for ages 9 months thru 4 years (EC Nursery)

10:30 am-10:45 am Children begin in service with their parents

10:45 am-11:45 pm Children and youth proceed to the Enrichment Center for Children’s programming

11:45 pm Parents pick up Children in the Enrichment Center

For more information: RECoordinator@orlandouu.org. Also, join our Facebook group & stay informed!

Children & Youth Religious Education This Week

If you are visiting 1U for the first time and have a child who might like to participate in religious education after Time for All Ages, please accompany your child to the Labyrinth outside our Sanctuary. Our teachers will provide guidance about the best class for your child and answer any questions.

Nursery: Our Nursery staff, Heather Coddington & Miss Emma (substitute for Kristin Mataluni ) report it still feels like Halloween in the nursery with jack-o-’lantern shirts and role playing.

Dr. Seuss (ages 3-6): Karen RambergKathleen Smee & guest Chris Rice read Yertle the Turtle, discussing our 5th Principle about people having a vote about the things that concern them. This Sunday we talk about feeling “up” or “down.”

Star Wars (ages 6-9): Jock Smee & Michelle Tichy ran elections with the young Padawans as they discussed our 5th Principle. Paper chains were made to represent a society without free elections. This Sunday will focus on our 7th Principle: the interconnected web.  Educators: We have part two of our StarWars curriculum.  If you want to help modify lessons, join us in classroom 1 today. 

Harry Potter (ages 9-13): Jonathan Gray, Ken Duke & Rhonda Rodriguez say the class began a double session of Defense Against the Dark Arts by learning about hate crime and how it has impacted Orlando. Nicki Drumb was our special guest talking about hatred against LGBTQ people.  This Sunday our Hatred Horcrux quest will continue, about racial and ethnic discrimination and prejudice.

Youth Group (high school): Last Sunday was Youth Group with Melinda Raiford & Josh Goldstein. Covenant topic was “Seasons,” including life changes, understanding preconceived notions of scientific concepts and the psychological effects of the seasons. This Sunday is Youth RE: Virtue Ethics with part two of generosity.

Other Sunday, November 10 Activities

Inquirers Series  — 11:45 am-1:00 pm, Gore Hall Classroom A

Curious about Unitarian Universalism?  Wondering what makes 1U “tick”? Join us for any or all of our Inquirers Series sessions with the minister and various lay leaders:

Nov. 10 – Faith Development – children and adults
Nov. 17 – Social Action and Community Service
Nov. 24 – Membership and Congregational Life (covenant, governance, membership, stewardship)

For those ready to join the congregation, we will welcome new members in worship on Dec. 8, with a get-acquainted potluck on Dec. 6 at 7-9 p.m. in Gore Hall.

Thanksgiving is November 28!

What are your plans for the big dinner? Why not bring your family and friends to the 1U dinner? Just think: home roasted turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes, maybe mashed potatoes too, green bean casserole, roasted carrots, stuffing, pumpkin and apple pies, and so many other yummy dishes. You make a traditional dish that your family likes and bring it to the event. We’ll have a Thanksgiving Smorgasbord!  And not to be forgotten is the opportunity to be with your 1U friends and to make new friends too.  You’ll be talking and laughing with a variety of interesting folks; don’t miss the chance to be one of them!

The details:  sign up Sundays at the Turkey Table in Gore Hall. You’ll get instructions on how to reserve your favorite dish to make and bring, and a chance to ask any questions you might have. You can also go to perfectpotluck.com to type in Vaccaro (the coordinator’s last name) and then 1128 (Thanksgiving day) to  bring up the 1U menu sign-up. Cost is $5 per person with children under 12 at no charge. Please pay when you make your reservation. We gather from 4:30 to 5:00 pm. Bring wine or beer to share. Water, soda and coffee will be available. Dine on china; with flowers, candles, and linen tablecloths for that extra touch. It’s going to be a wonderful evening, so plan on joining other 1U folks, their families and their friends for a soul satisfying time!

Chalica Kits by Mystic Grove – 11:30 am-12:30 pm, Gore Hall

Mystic Grove helps you celebrate Chalica with “ready to go” candle kits and readings! Get yours in coffee hour during the month of November. Kits are $5-$10 suggested donation, nobody turned away for lack of funds. Proceeds benefit the 25th Annual Winter Solstice Service supplies on Dec 21. Chalica is a week-long celebration of our Unitarian Universalist Principles. The holiday first emerged in 2005 out of a wish to have a holiday organized around Unitarian Universalist values. This year Chalica begins on the Monday Dec 2 and lasts seven days. Each day, a chalice is lit and the day is spent reflecting on the meaning of that day’s principle and doing a good deed that honors that principle. Email mysticgrove@orlandouu.org for more info.

Coming Now Through Next Week

Friday – November 8

Black Cat Open Mic Night — 7:30 pm-12:00 am, Gore Hall

Are you a performer? Poetry, comedy, live music and more is welcome. Doors open at 7:30 pm for sign ups, performances start at 8:00. Suggested donation of $2 to enter. Pizza, treats and beverages available. More info or to Facebook RSVP:  https://tinyurl.com/blackcatnov2019.

Saturday – November 9

Tai Chi — 9:00 am, Enrichment Center Studio 

All are welcome, class is free, with a ($5) donation to 1U requested. Katherine Vaccaro, our Tai Chi instructor, welcomes you and any questions. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit. Please email taichi@orlandouu.org for information about the class, which regularly meets Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:00 am.

Seeds of Intention Workshops — Noon-5:00 pm, Assembly Room  (RSVP required by November 7) 

Persephone’s Passage – A Journey Into the Underworld: A Samhain Workshop is Melissa Baker’s seventh workshop in a series of eight, which began February at Imbolc. Our sacred gardeners will find themselves at the final harvest. We will celebrate those who have gone before, and through mindful meditation, greet them at the edge of the Underworld. This will be an abbreviated version of the Samhain Retreat. Please plan to bring photos of those you wish to honor on the other side of the veil for the Ancestors’ Altar. The $50 donation will cover venue, a light snack (so, please have lunch before arrival), and supplies for creating a sacred keepsake to remember your journey with lost loves and the seeds of wisdom Persephone has offered. $45 for 1U members, with a portion of proceeds going to the general fund. RSVP required by November 7 to ensure supply availability. Payment may be made in cash upon arrival, or via Paypal or Zelle (please inquire). This event is sponsored by 1U Pastoral Associates. For more information and to register, contact Melissa, whose contact information is in the online Members Directory.

BINGO! — 7:00 pm, Gore Hall

Get set – Gore Hall will be your new favorite spot for Bingo, with the Orlando Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence hosting!  All are welcome to join us for this 1U fundraiser. Prize baskets for winners! Cards are $5 donations. Light refreshments will be provided for players. Note:  All players must be 18 or older and non-players that are not working the event will be asked to wait outside Gore Hall.

Monday – November 11

Deadline for Part-Time “Building Host” Applications

1U is creating five new part-time jobs: “Building Hosts,” and are looking for applicants. A host will be on campus and help people who have booked a room, for example, for a meeting or wedding. They must open the room, stay through the event and lock up afterward. They will also assist the folks who have booked the room and make sure church equipment is operated properly. Job application forms are due no later than 5:00 pm today. You can find more information here: https://www.orlandouu.org/building-host-job-description/. Contact Rene Stutzman or the church administrator at churchadministrator@orlandouu.org.

Tuesday – November 12

Tai Chi — 9:00-10:00 am, Enrichment Center Studio

All are welcome, class is free, with a ($5) donation to 1U requested. Katherine Vaccaro, our Tai Chi instructor, welcomes you and any questions. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit.

The Alliance — 10:30 am, Gore Hall  

Please bring a bag lunch and join us for our monthly business meeting at noon.  Updating the Resale Shop begins at 10:30; all are welcome. For further information contact us at alliance@orlandouu.org.

Eclectic Music Collective Practice — 7:00 pm, Sanctuary

EMC (Eclectic Music Collective) is an open musical collective. The group seeks and encourages 1U members with varied musical abilities and interests to collaborate and create an eclectic range of musical offerings in support 1U’s mission. Key objectives include preparation for musical performances supporting Sunday services and 1U related events. Effective collaboration will be the primary intention and framework.

Folk Ensemble — 7:30 pm, EC Studio

Everyone welcome. No particular skill level needed. If you enjoy sing-alongs, please join us.

Wednesday – November 13

Wednesday Morning Meditations at UUUF — 8:30-9:00 am, 11648 McCulloch Rd

All are welcome to participate in a lightly guided morning sitting practice to get the day started at the University Universalist Unitarian Fellowship, 11648 McCulloch Rd, Orlando, FL 32817.

Choir Practice — 7:30 pm, Sanctuary 

The Chalice Choir rehearses until 9:00 pm under the direction of Aubrey Connelly-Candelario. All are welcome!

Thursday – November 14

Tai Chi — 9:00-10:00 am, Enrichment Center Studio 

All are welcome, class is free, with a ($5) donation to 1U requested. Katherine Vaccaro, our Tai Chi instructor, welcomes you and any questions. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit.

Eclectic Music Collective Practice — 7:00 pm, Sanctuary

EMC (Eclectic Music Collective) is an open musical collective. The group seeks and encourages 1U members with varied musical abilities and interests to collaborate and create an eclectic range of musical offerings in support 1U’s mission. Key objectives include preparation for musical performances supporting Sunday services and 1U related events. Effective collaboration will be the primary intention and framework.

Mindfulness Meditation — 7:00-8:00 pm, Studio (West end of the Enrichment Center)

Join us every Thursday for eclectic meditation practice based in, but not limited to, the Mindfulness tradition. After introductions, we have a 20-minute sit followed by discussion. We close with another 10-minute sit. Open to those with and without meditation experience. Drop-in friendly.

Other News

Upcoming Sunday Services

November Worship Theme:  What does it mean to be a people of ATTENTION? 

Nov. 17       Growing a Soul, by  Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister

The quest for truth has been a value of our Unitarian Universalist faith for centuries.  It is not merely a quest for knowledge, but being attentive to our natural spiritual growth. Channing called it self-culture.  We might call it growing a soul. The Chalice Choir performs.

Share the Plate Update 

1U’s Share the Plate recipient for November is IDignity, a community organization focused on restoring dignity through identity. Monthly events are held to assist clients in accessing many sorts of identification, from FL drivers licenses, ids and birth certificates, to social security cards and out of state birth certificates. 1U has been supporting IDignity’s work over the years with both finances and volunteers. In fact, 1U will be the church sponsor at the December 12 IDignity event in Orange County. Additional volunteers would be welcome. See Kathy Homblette for more details. Please be as generous as you are able, to support this important and effective work in our community. Thanks! Learn more at IDignity.org, or view this video: https://tinyurl.com/yxtbzd68.L

Listening Circles:  Process and Be Heard

Two Listening Circles are scheduled on Sundays December 8 and 15 at Noon to 1:00 pm in Gore Hall Room A for those needing a place to process feelings and be heard in response to the tragic news of a local prominent minister who sexually abused a youth, then committed suicide. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, have lost a loved one in the past because of suicide, are having difficulty with the situation, or just need a place to process and be heard, these sessions will include some members of the Lay Pastoral Care Associates (LPCA) and Rev. Sam.  In the meantime, if you need support, reach out to the LPCA (pastoralassociates@orlandouu.org) or our minister (revsam@orlandouu.org). We recognize that these events might cause some, including survivors of sexual abuse, to re-experience painful memories. These are not therapy sessions, but listening sessions where you can be heard.

First Unitarian Church of Orlando & University Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Present Concert November 15

Deeper Than The Skin, A Concert with Reggie Harris & Greg Greenway: A Musical Presentation on Race in America opens doors at 6:30 pm, Concert begins at 7:00 pm in the 1U Sanctuary. Suggested donation: $20. Further information about the concert can be found at www.DeeperThanTheSkin.com. Also email questions to: uuconcertinfo@gmail.com.

1U Garden: Good Eating NOW

When are garden goodies ready to eat? Here’s the current status:

Sweet potatoes: Have had their six weeks of storage to get sweet. Bake ’em, boil ’em, roast ’em.

Romaine: Cut the outer leaves, enjoy them in a salad, come back in a few days and cut some more for a few more weeks in Bed No. 7, back row of raised beds near the middle.

Green beans: In Bed No. 6 (in middle of the back row, sharing space with two tomato plants) will be ready any day. Tiny, skinny beans now are not plentiful now, but pick ’em when they’re a decent size. The more we pick, the more they’ll bear. The other two beds of green beans, planted later, won’t be ready till Christmas.

Kale: In Bed No. 7 (middle of the back row, sharing space with the romaine and two tomato plants) should be ready Thanksgiving week. Bed No. 8 (on back row, on the south edge of the garden) transplants need another week or two beyond that. (They’re still a little angry about being pulled up and replanted.)

Mulberries: Two everbearing bushes/trees on the very back edge of the permaculture portion of the garden have a few berries ready to pick right this minute. If berries are deep, dark purple and look like blackberries pick and eat ’em. This crop may yield less than 1/2 cup, but don’t let that stop you. Pull a few to top your creme brulee or corn flakes.

Roselle: Time to pick the “fruit,”  a vibrant wine-red bud. Pull off the tart, cranberry-tasting petals. Dry them or cook them down to a syrup in a pot of water. Pop syrup into the fridge and make a hot or cold Christmas punch with sugar, cinnamon, cloves and maybe some rum. You can also eat them raw: try atop oatmeal. Find two or three roselle plants in the permaculture garden section, one just behind the raised beds.

Bananas: Our banana tree in the northwest corner of the permaculture garden area has one stalk of baby bananas many of us have been watching in awe and wonder for months. These will be soon be ripe; watch this space for updates.

Basil: Like pesto or cooking with fresh basil? Permaculture Area has at least two chest-high African basil bushes. (Mary Murphy’s amazing and prolific herb plot in Bed No. 2 has another, but please ask before taking hers.) But no need to ask anybody to take some from basil plants in Permaculture Garden. Take, cook, enjoy.

There is always food ready and available in the 1U Permaculture Garden, and we want you to take advantage of it. Much is typically found in the tropics or Asia and unfamiliar to North Americans, but 1U gardeners urge you to poke around and try new things (still lots of green papayas hanging from trees–search online for some great recipes for these).

1U Collaboration on Food Pantry Needs with Joy MCC Church

With a note of gratitude to all who have contributed over the years to the food collected for Catholic Charities, 1U is embarking on a new collaboration with Joy MCC ((JMCC) church, to support their food distribution ministries. Possibilities are varied, including contributing requested food, helping at their food pantry (they feed 100 families a week), assist with creating holiday meals, cash support, and education. The Joy MCC staff and volunteers involved in this work are eager and grateful for any participation on our part.

Here is how you might be involved:

bring one or several of these items for their 11/17 drive (a collection box will be labeled and available in Gore Hall; stores are listed as preferences, but are not required):  Children’s snack fruit cups (Dollar Tree), Mac & cheese in box (Wal-Mart brand), grape jelly (Dollar Tree), small stuffed animal or small toys such as CRS Hot Wheels for Christmas (Dollar or Wal-Mart).

assist at their Thanksgiving meal bag construction on Monday, 11/25 at 6:00 pm at their site 2351 S Ferncreek Ave Orlando, FL 32806

consider being part of a team to liaison and plan with Joy MCC. Team tasks could include, for starters, forwarding JMCC requests to 1U congregants, arranging for collection (they have agreed to pick up food as needed), planning for education opportunities, sharing information about volunteer opportunities. Contact Kathy Homblette for more specific details, at Welcometeam@Orlandouu.org.

Caring Circle

Members of the Caring Circle offer kind, practical, tangible efforts to church members who may be experiencing significant joys, concerns, sorrows, or changes in their lives by providing rides to medical appointments, and/or help with meals, pet care, etc., during a member’s period of recuperation. Bev Alig is the CC contact for November, and may be reached at CaringCircle@OrlandoUU.org

Having Issues With the 1U Member Directory Log-in??

Any member who has recently logged into the online Member Directly may have noticed that a second log-in (same login information) is now required. And, once that has been completed, a Profile” page appears which is a page of no use to members. That’s a problem that the Church Office knows about and is working to fix. Our apologies for the frustration the extra steps will cause. Please bear with us until it has been resolved. In the meantime, please do stop by Gaby’s table in Gore Hall on Sundays and pick up a very short instruction sheet on how to get to the directory. The  screenshot pictured here shows how members can drag down from the little house graphic to VISIT SITE. Then they can path over to RESOURCES, then down to MEMBER DIRECTORY. It’s a circuitous route for now, but we hope this will be corrected soon!

Missed a Sunday?

Audio recordings for most Sunday sermons are online here. Just click and listen.

1U Auction News

Can you believe the planning has already started for the 2020 Auction at 1U? It seems it was just last week that we had the first annual Hearts and Hands Auction, where we raised over $21,000 for 1U. Last year many members were very generous with donations to the auction. Would you be willing to offer a service, gift card or dinner to the upcoming auction which we could highlight in advance to raise interest with other members? Please let us know asap via email to auction@orlandouu.org. Meanwhile, add Feb. 22 to your calendar to be sure to have an opportunity to bid on what will certainly be a terrific selection!

Looking for a 1U Donor!

Has anyone recently made a contribution to 1U through Wells Fargo Advisors? If so, please contact Amy in the church Office (407-898-3621 x5 or FUCO@cfl.rr.com) at your earliest convenience.

Pastoral Care Associates

Pastoral Care Associates have been trained to provide a confidential, caring presence to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges. Church members can receive compassionate care when they are in pain, sick, lonely or struggling with changes. If you are a 1U member in need, contact our Pastoral Care Coordinator at PastoralAssociates@OrlandoUU.org.

UU Holiday Cards Now Available!

Check out the beautiful UU holiday and solstice cards available online now at https://www.uuabookstore.org/Holiday-Cards-C1408.aspx .

Update Your Contact Information!

Keeping in touch with 1U members and friends is important. You can help keep those communication lines functioning by alerting the office about changes in your contact information: email address, street address, preferred phone numbers. Having current contact information allows 1U to keep you in the loop with all kinds of information about events. It is also vital that current information is available for electronic banking arrangements. Contact Amy Fairweather at churchadministrator@orlandouu.org or call the church office at 407-898-3621. We appreciate your help with this!

Plan Ahead

November 14 — Class 3: Comparative Religion, 7:00-9:00 pm, Room 1

Do you have World Religion knowledge gaps? Want to learn more about some of our faith neighbors? Our Great Courses DVD series class is for you! Come for the whole series or just the ones you like best. Using five major religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism) as illustrations of how religions can address the same core issues in parallel and different ways, this class explores religion’s complex and multidimensional nature. Today’s topics are “Sacred People – Prophets, Sages, Saviors” and “Sacred People – Clergy, Monastics, Shamans.

Facebook RSVP: https://tinyurl.com/class3comparativereligion.

December 1 — Movie Talk, 9:30 am in the Community Room (the classroom in the far right corner of the Enrichment Center)

Movie Talk is a monthly discussion group that allows us to examine our principles through shared cultural events – in this case, movies.  Sunday, December 1st at 9:30 am, join the movie discussion on Motherless Brooklyn. How can a person, Lionel (Edward Norton), with physical and mental handicaps, preserve his dignity in a cruel, corrupt city? Lionel avoids cynicism and embraces righteousness.

December 13 — Black Cat Open Mic Night, 7:30 pm-12:00 am, Gore Hall

Are you a performer? Poetry, comedy, live music and more is welcome. Doors open at 7:30 pm for sign ups, performances start at 8:00. Suggested donation of $2 to enter. Pizza, treats and beverages available. More info or to Facebook RSVP:  https://tinyurl.com/blackcatnov2019.

December 21 — 1U Midlife Couples Group Enjoys Winter Park, 1:00 pm, Winter Park Main Squaree

Join the 1U Midlife Couples Group for the 24th Annual Merry Tuba Christmas, a free outdoor concert in Winter Park.  Spend the morning shopping the Farmer’s Market, eat breakfast on Park Avenue, or simply join us on the lawn for a fun concert. Bring chairs or a blanket, sun hat, and whatever you would like to eat or drink. Be sure to stop in at 10,000 Villages for any last minute holiday gifts you need to pick up.For more information contact:  Wendy McCleskey, whose contact information is in the 1U Member Directory. Enjoy the rich sounds of Christmas as tuba, euphonium, sousaphone & baritone players of all ages gather in Central Park to perform a FREE concert from the main stage beginning at 1:00 pm. Winter Park’s 24th Annual Merry Tuba Christmas is a free one-hour concert that has become a staple on the holiday list of things to do. Take a break from shopping on the Avenue, and relax with loved ones to enjoy this annual event.

February 22 — Hearts & Hands Auction

Save the date for our next Hearts & Hands Auction: February 22, 2020! Co-chairs Suzanne Oberholtzer and Carolina Lofgren are also looking for people who want to be involved: obtaining donations from businesses and members, helping with food, beverages, decorations, publicity, cleanup, etc. It takes a congregation to put on one of these events! Contact us at Auction@orlandouu.org!

Regional UU and Other Community Events and Activities

November 20 — LWV-OC “Women’s Lost History” Group with Patty Farless, 6:00-8:00 pm, Rollins College Bush Executive Center 

The League of Women Voters of Orange County hosts this reading-discussion group titled “Women’s Lost History: Exploring Women’s Right to Vote Through the Lenses of Race, Class, Gender, and National Origin” with exceptional teacher Patty Farless. To register please write to historylwvoc@gmail.com. You may also call Joan Erwin (phone number in Member Directory, texts are fine). This is the final session in this series. Room 220. You don’t have to go the whole series to join in. You’ll learn plenty of fascinating history about our foremothers! If you’d like to carpool from Orlando to the Rollins campus, meet at the parking lot behind the First Unitarian Church,  1901 E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32803, between 5 and 5:15 p.m. We’ll leave by 5:15. You can reach me at 407-230-0530.

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