Home Weekly Update, October 31, 2019

Weekly Update, October 31, 2019

Weekly Update, October 31, 2019




This Sunday, November 3, at 1U

Worship — 10:30 am, Sanctuary

Life, Death and Immortality,  All Souls/Day of the Dead, by Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister

What in one’s life is immortal?  We will honor the lives of church members who died in the last year. Please bring a photo or memento of a loved one you have lost, either recently or long ago, for the memory table. The Chalice Choir performs.

Adult Religious Education — 9:30 am in the Community Room (the classroom in the far right corner of the Enrichment Center)

Movie Talk — monthly discussion group that allows us to examine our principles through shared cultural events – in this case, movies.  Join the movie discussion on Judy. This film about Judy Garland asks us to consider what happens when our search for truth and meaning isn’t free and responsible. For Judy Garland the answer included depression, alcoholism and substance abuse.

Children & Youth Religious Education (CYRE) Sunday Schedule

9:15 am-1:00 pm Nursery for ages 9 months thru 4 years (EC Nursery)

10:30 am-10:45 am Children begin in service with their parents

10:45 am-11:45 pm Children and youth proceed to the Enrichment Center for Children’s programming

11:45 pm Parents pick up Children in the Enrichment Center

For more information: RECoordinator@orlandouu.org. Also, join our Facebook group & stay informed!

Children & Youth Religious Education This Week

In our Nursery

While the big kids stayed in the sanctuary for intergenerational worship, Kristin Mataluni and Heather Coddington say the nursery was bopping with babies, bears, bunnies and balloons. They learned not to identify a Pokemon as a fox, or an Ewok as a teddy bear.

In Dr. Seuss (ages 3-6)

This Sunday we will discuss Yertle the Turtle and what happens when we ignore our 5th Principle. Hint: It is best when people (and turtles) vote.

In Star Wars (ages 6-9)

Emperor Palpatine, like Yertle the Turtle, is the antithesis of our 5th Principle. The Padawans will discuss the power and responsibility of voting.

In Harry Potter (ages 9-13)

Potter class students will begin a double session of Defense Against the Dark Arts. We’ll also begin our defense against hatred by learning about hate crime and how it has impacted Orlando.

In Youth Group (High School)

This Sunday is Youth Group. During covenant group time, our focus topic will be will reflect on how the changing seasons impact us. The fellowship hour will be games from “Deep Fun” and games from home — don’t forget to bring yours!

If you are visiting 1U for the first time and have a child who might like to participate in religious education after Time for All Ages, please accompany your child to the Labyrinth outside our Sanctuary. Our teachers will provide guidance about the best class for your child and answer any questions.

Other Sunday, November 3 Activities

Inquirers Series  — 11:45 am-1:00 pm, Gore Hall Classroom A

Curious about Unitarian Universalism?  Wondering what makes 1U “tick”? Join us for any or all of our Inquirers Series sessions with the minister and various lay leaders:

Nov. 3 – UU History, Principles and Sources
Nov. 10 – Faith Development – children and adults
Nov. 17 – Social Action and Community Service
Nov. 24 – Membership and Congregational Life (covenant, governance, membership, stewardship)

For those ready to join the congregation, we will welcome new members in worship on Dec. 8, with a get-aquatinted potluck on Dec. 6 at 7-9 p.m. in Gore Hall.

Mystic Grove 1st Sunday Meeting — 12:00-1:30 pm, Room 1

The Mystic Grove is 1U’s pagan affinity group and Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans chapter. Rituals are volunteer led and the volunteer may choose to do the ritual in the style of their Pagan path. Although we vary in the different Pagan paths we follow, we are all Unitarian Universalists or in sympathy with UU principles. The monthly meeting is a great way to get to know us and how we work. Everyone is welcome to attend in Room 1. Here we discuss how the past ritual went, plan for next ritual, classes, craft circles, and more. For more info, email us at mysticgrove@orlandouu.org.

First Sunday Fellowship

Today is the first Sunday of the month, and that means 1U members and friends will be having dinner together in neighborhood restaurants. We have First Sunday Fellowship groups in Winter Park, East of 436, Downtown, in West Orlando, South Orlando, and Conway. These gatherings are opportunities to meet new people and deepen existing relationships. Anyone is welcome to attend any group, and attending different groups helps you to get to know more folks in the congregation! Since times and locations vary, we have hosts who maintain email invitation lists for each area. If you’re interested in being added to an area invitation list, in hosting a new area group, or in getting more information, contact Marty Haddad at Fellowship@orlandouu.org.

Thanksgiving is Getting Closer; Sign-up for 1U Dinner Now!

Did you stop  by the Thanksgiving dinner sign-up table at Social Hour last week?  No? Well come by to ask questions and sign up to join other 1U folks for our annual Thanksgiving meal. Look for the table by the windows with Thanksgiving decorations. We now have three generous cooks who have each volunteered to roast a turkey for our beloved community holiday dinner. So do plan on signing up soon while you can choose just what you want  to cook and bring to round out our meal. Go to perfectpotluck.com to type in Vaccaro (the coordinator’s last name) and then 1128 (Thanksgiving day) to  bring up the 1U menu sign-up. Look for the infamous turkey hat  2.0, arriving at Social Hour!

Coming Now Through Next Week

Friday – November 1

Mystic Grove 1st Friday Projects — 7:00-9:00 pm, Room 1

Did you know this year will be 25th anniversary of the Winter Solstice Service? Do you have ideas and want to help? Join us as Mystic Grove begins planning or email us at mysticgrove@orlandouu.org.

Saturday – November 2

Tai Chi — 9:00 am, Enrichment Center Studio 

All are welcome, class is free, with a ($5) donation to 1U requested. Katherine Vaccaro, our Tai Chi instructor, welcomes you and any questions. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit. Please email taichi@orlandouu.org for information about the class, which regularly meets Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:00 am.

Thursday Night Meditation Group Hikes in Orlando Wetlands Park  — 9:00 am, 1U Parking Lot to Carpool

We will carpool from the 1U parking lot or meet at the Wetlands at 10:00 am. Our hike is usually 3-5 miles at a slow pace. Part is through the woods and part on the berms. Plenty of wildlife to see and photograph. For details see Bob Leger. All are welcome.

Orlando Pagan Pride Pride Meeting — 5:00-6 pm, Gore Hall Classroom A

Last meeting for the season to go over what went well and what can improve for next year. Hosted by Mystic Grove.

Samhain Celebration — 6:15-9 pm, Gore Hall

Join Mystic Grove in honoring ancestors as Chip and Toni present ritual in the “Green Witch” tradition! Samhain is the halfway point between the Autumn equinox and the Winter solstice. Come as you are, in autumn colors, grey, or black. You may bring a photo or memento of your ancestor for the community altar. You can also bring a dish they liked to eat for the potluck. Gather at 6:15 for Meet & Greet if you’ve never attended ritual before and are curious about the Green Witch tradition or Unitarian Universalism. Ritual begins at 7:00 and potluck at 8:00. For more info or to RSVP, see https://tinyurl.com/1usamhain2019.

Monday – November 4

Tuesday – November 5

Tai Chi — 9:00-10:00 am, Enrichment Center Studio

All are welcome, class is free, with a ($5) donation to 1U requested. Katherine Vaccaro, our Tai Chi instructor, welcomes you and any questions. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit.

The Alliance — 10:30 am, Gore Hall   (No Meeting Today)

The Alliance will not meet today, because Gore Hall is a precinct for the Orlando Municipal election. Our monthly business meeting will be on November 12. The Alliance pledged up to $1,000 as a Share-the-Plate match for Planned Parenthood in October and since the church raised $1,909 the $1,000 match was donated. For further information contact us at alliance@orlandouu.org.

Eclectic Music Collective Practice — 7:00 pm, Sanctuary

EMC (Eclectic Music Collective) is an open musical collective. The group seeks and encourages 1U members with varied musical abilities and interests to collaborate and create an eclectic range of musical offerings in support 1U’s mission. Key objectives include preparation for musical performances supporting Sunday services and 1U related events. Effective collaboration will be the primary intention and framework.

Folk Ensemble — 7:30 pm, EC Studio

Everyone welcome. No particular skill level needed. If you enjoy sing-alongs, please join us.

Wednesday – November 6

Wednesday Morning Meditations at UUUF — 8:30-9:00 am, 11648 McCulloch Rd

All are welcome to participate in a lightly guided morning sitting practice to get the day started at the University Universalist Unitarian Fellowship, 11648 McCulloch Rd, Orlando, FL 32817.

Choir Practice — 7:30 pm, Sanctuary 

The Chalice Choir rehearses until 9:00 pm under the direction of Aubrey Connelly-Candelario. All are welcome!

Thursday – November 7

Tai Chi — 9:00-10:00 am, Enrichment Center Studio 

All are welcome, class is free, with a ($5) donation to 1U requested. Katherine Vaccaro, our Tai Chi instructor, welcomes you and any questions. The more you practice, the more you’ll benefit.

Eclectic Music Collective Practice — 7:00 pm, Sanctuary

EMC (Eclectic Music Collective) is an open musical collective. The group seeks and encourages 1U members with varied musical abilities and interests to collaborate and create an eclectic range of musical offerings in support 1U’s mission. Key objectives include preparation for musical performances supporting Sunday services and 1U related events. Effective collaboration will be the primary intention and framework.

Mindfulness Meditation — 7:00-8:00 pm, Studio (West end of the Enrichment Center)   Note: No session this evening

Join us every Thursday for eclectic meditation practice based in, but not limited to, the Mindfulness tradition. After introductions, we have a 20-minute sit followed by discussion. We close with another 10-minute sit. Open to those with and without meditation experience. Drop-in friendly.

Other News

Upcoming Sunday Services

November Worship Theme:  What does it mean to be a people of ATTENTION? 

Nov. 10      Being Present, by by Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister

Amid all the digital connectedness in our world, we are lonelier than ever. In all the distractions of our day, how might we live more mindfully to what is really present?

Nov. 17       Growing a Soul, by  Rev. Samuel Schaal, Transition Minister

The quest for truth has been a value of our Unitarian Universalist faith for centuries.  It is not merely a quest for knowledge, but being attentive to our natural spiritual growth. Channing called it self-culture.  We might call it growing a soul. The Chalice Choir performs.

Sexual Abuse Counseling at 1U

The news about the suicide of a prominent local minister following his arrest for sexual assault of a minor is shocking and tragic. Too often the pain of sexual assault victims has been dismissed and we are concerned for all who have been harmed through such abuse. We recognize that this recent situation might cause survivors to re-experience painful memories. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, are having emotional difficulty with the situation, or just need a place to process and be heard, we are working on scheduling several listening sessions on campus. Please watch for more information. In the meantime, if you need support, reach out to a trusted friend, our Lay Pastoral Care Associates team (pastoralassociates@orlandouu.org) or our minister (revsam@orlandouu.org).

1U Kelly Park Camping Adventure Cancelled

Upon rescheduling, new information will be provided.

1U Seeks Part-Time “Building Hosts”   (Application deadline: Nov. 11)

1U is creating five new part-time jobs: Building Hosts, and is looking for applicants. A host will be on campus, for example, to help people who have booked a room for a meeting or wedding. They must open the room, stay through the event and lock up afterward. They will also assist the folks who have booked the room and make sure church equipment is operated properly. Application deadline: Nov. 11. Here’s a link to more information: https://www.orlandouu.org/building-host-job-description/. Want to apply? Contact Rene Stutzman or the church administrator at churchadministrator@orlandouu.org

Having Issues With the 1U Member Directory Log-in??

Any member who has recently logged into the online Member Directly may have noticed that a second log-in (same login information) is now required. And, once that has been completed, a Profile” page appears which is a page of no use to members. That’s a problem that the Church Office knows about and is working to fix. Our apologies for the frustration the extra steps will cause. Please bear with us until it has been resolved. In the meantime, please do stop by Gaby’s table in Gore Hall on Sundays and pick up a very short instruction sheet on how to get to the directory. The  screenshot pictured here shows how members can drag down from the little house graphic to VISIT SITE. Then they can path over to RESOURCES, then down to MEMBER DIRECTORY. It’s a circuitous route for now, but we hope this will be corrected soon!

Missed a Sunday?

Audio recordings for most Sunday sermons are online here. Just click and listen.

1U Auction News

Can you believe the planning has already started for the 2020 Auction at 1U? It seems it was just last week that we had the first annual Hearts and Hands Auction, where we raised over $21,000 for 1U. Last year many members were very generous with donations to the auction. Would you be willing to offer a service, gift card or dinner to the upcoming auction which we could highlight in advance to raise interest with other members? Please let us know asap via email to auction@orlandouu.org. Meanwhile, add Feb. 22 to your calendar to be sure to have an opportunity to bid on what will certainly be a terrific selection!

Looking for a 1U Donor!

Has anyone recently made a contribution to 1U through Wells Fargo Advisors? If so, please contact Amy in the church Office (407-898-3621 x5 or FUCO@cfl.rr.com) at your earliest convenience.

Pastoral Care Associates

Pastoral Care Associates have been trained to provide a confidential, caring presence to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges. Church members can receive compassionate care when they are in pain, sick, lonely or struggling with changes. If you are a 1U member in need, contact our Pastoral Care Coordinator at PastoralAssociates@OrlandoUU.org.

UU Holiday Cards Now Available!

Check out the beautiful UU holiday and solstice cards available online now at https://www.uuabookstore.org/Holiday-Cards-C1408.aspx .

Caring Circle Invites You

Members of the Caring Circle offer kind, practical, tangible efforts to church members who may be experiencing significant joys, concerns, sorrows, or changes in their lives by providing rides to medical appointments, and/or help with meals, pet care, etc., during a member’s period of recuperation. Bev Alig is the CC contact for November, and may be reached at CaringCircle@OrlandoUU.org

Update Your Contact Information!

Keeping in touch with 1U members and friends is important. You can help keep those communication lines functioning by alerting the office about changes in your contact information: email address, street address, preferred phone numbers. Having current contact information allows 1U to keep you in the loop with all kinds of information about events. It is also vital that current information is available for electronic banking arrangements. Contact Amy Fairweather at churchadministrator@orlandouu.org or call the church office at 407-898-3621. We appreciate your help with this!

Plan Ahead

November 8 — Black Cat Open Mic Night, 7:30 pm-12:00 am, Gore Hall

Are you a performer? Poetry, comedy, live music and more is welcome. Doors open at 7:30 pm for sign ups, performances start at 8:00. Suggested donation of $2 to enter. Pizza, treats and beverages available. More info or to Facebook RSVP:  https://tinyurl.com/blackcatnov2019

November 9 — Seeds of Intention Workshops, Noon-5 pm, Assembly Room (RSVP required by November 7) 

Persephone’s Passage – A Journey Into the Underworld, A Samhain Workshop is Melissa Baker’s seventh workshop in a series of eight, which began February at Imbolc. Our sacred gardeners will find themselves at the final harvest. We will celebrate those who have gone before, and through mindful meditation, greet them at the edge of the Underworld. This will be an abbreviated version of the Samhain Retreat. Please plan to bring photos of those you wish to honor on the other side of the veil for the Ancestors’ Altar. The $50 donation will cover venue, a light snack (so, please have lunch before arrival), and supplies for creating a sacred keepsake to remember your journey with lost loves and the seeds of wisdom Persephone has offered. $45 for !U members, with a portion of proceeds going to the general fund. RSVP required by November 7 to ensure supply availability. Payment may be made in cash upon arrival, or via Paypal or Zelle (please inquire). This event is sponsored by 1U Pastoral Associates. For more information and to register contact Melissa, whose contact information is in the online Members Directory.

February 22 — Hearts & Hands Auction

Save the date for our next Hearts & Hands Auction: February 22, 2020! Co-chairs Suzanne Oberholtzer and Carolina Lofgren are also looking for people who want to be involved: obtaining donations from businesses and members, helping with food, beverages, decorations, publicity, cleanup, etc. It takes a congregation to put on one of these events! Contact us at Auction@orlandouu.org!

Regional UU and Other Community Events and Activities

November 4 — First Monday Vegan Potluck, 7:00 pm, Gore Hall

For folks interested in a wonderful vegan meal, 1U is pleased to host this VegCF gathering ending around 9:00 pm. Join us with a vegan dish or a $10 donation and enjoy the delicious food!

November 6 — LWV-OC “Women’s Lost History” Group with Patty Farless, 6:00-8:00 pm, Rollins College Bush Executive Center 

The League of Women Voters of Orange County hosts this reading-discussion group titled “Women’s Lost History: Exploring Women’s Right to Vote Through the Lenses of Race, Class, Gender, and National Origin” with exceptional teacher Patty Farless. To register please write to historylwvoc@gmail.com. You may also call Joan Erwin (phone number in Member Directory, texts are fine). Last sessions is set for Nov. 20. Room 220. You don’t have to go the whole series to join in. You’ll learn plenty of fascinating history about our foremothers! If you’d like to carpool from Orlando to the Rollins campus, meet at the parking lot behind the First Unitarian Church,  1901 E Robinson St, Orlando, FL 32803, between 5 and 5:15 p.m. We’ll leave by 5:15. You can reach me at 407-230-0530.

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