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What to Expect at a Worship Service


Although services can vary from week to week, we at First Unitarian Church of Orlando (affectionately referred to as 1U) typically begin with opening words, welcome, and song. We light our chalice, a symbol of our faith. The joys and concerns of the community are shared, and then we have words for all ages, a story or presentation aimed at children. After this, children head off to their activities or classes.

Read about all options for children and youth.

Those remaining in the Sanctuary share a centering hymn and time of meditation, often followed by readings or a responsive reading. A musical offertory is provided by one of our musical groups, a soloist, or guest musicians. Most services have a sermon, usually delivered by our minister.  Sometimes we have guest speakers or hear from members of the congregation.

The service closes with song, closing words, the extinguishing of our chalice, and a postlude.

Members, friends, and guests are invited to gather across the patio in our fellowship hall (Gore Hall) for refreshment and conversation.

Please note that since August 2018, we have only a single service at 10:30 am. Please see upcoming service info for details.